The Killing

Season 2 Episode 5

Ghosts of the Past

Aired Friday Apr 22, 2012 on Netflix

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  • Pretty good

    Alright, alright. So I have a history of being a little harsh on this show. However, it has appeared that Veena Sud listened to many people and started using on-screen time more effectively. This episode was a great example of what The Killing can be: a great drama. It picked up nicely on the latest suspect. We got him into custody and interrogated him... found out quite a bit. All with the same episode! No way! We found out more about Linden's past. We found out more about Stan and Terry and Mitch. Stan's going to jail... even though Bennet's going to be okay. Even though the Mitch leaving home thing has been drawn out, it finally took more of an interesting twist this episode. I get it and I don't. And Terry also became a bit more interesting, having been in the same town car implicated by Alexi as someone Rosie was scared of. I'll be nice for now and give you a nine, for effort.