The Killing

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Friday Jun 05, 2011 on Netflix

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  • Story seems to be killing time (pun intended) to the conclusion as this epsiode filled in backstory on the detectives Linden and Holder.

    How much you like this episode depends on how much you like the detectives that make the main story of "The Killing". The Rosie Larsen plot was barely dealt with as Linden's son goes missing.

    The plot reveal (possible spoilers) that is impled is that Jack is not really Linden's son, and Linden either adopted him or is guardian over him. This was not expressly stated but seems to fit into the clues. Jack is very maladjusted and Linden's fiancee has made comments over the whole season about her getting too involved "again". Linden tells Holder of her last case where a mother of a child was killed and the father did it, so the child was on his own and had nowhere to go, as he would never be adopted as he was "damaged goods". The episode also revealed Linden was an orphan too, so it seems to all fit.

    The episode was a bonding episode between the two leads. This, combined with the season arc of the politician running for mayor, seems to be interesting filler to stretch the show out for thirteen episodes. By dealing with only one case, with a day for each episode, some filler is needed as there are only so many twists that are believable over the death of a teenage girl. However, how much you like an episode like this depends on how much you like the characters and care to learn more about them. To me, the detectives play their cards so close to the vest with each other that learning details about their life isn't compelling. This show is going to have to have a big ending to have made this worth watching all season.
  • The Linden and Holder Show.

    It's kind of strange that by actually slowing down the story even more, the Killing managed to have one of it's best episodes. This one was written by creator/show-runner Veena Sud, who wrote the excellent pilot. Rather than jumping between all three storylines, the episode focusses on the two most interesting characters, Sarah Linden and Steve Holder. It's kind of ironic that a more standalone, procedural-style episode is actually one of the strongest. By concentrating on a single viewpoint, the episode felt a lot more focussed and tight. While the case only moves forward at the beginning and end of the episode, Jack having gone missing offers a dramatic problem for the main characters, and allows them to bond further over the course of the episode. We learn more about Sarah's past, and Holder's relationship with his sister. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are absolutely incredible actors, and having this tight focus on them allows for many great moments. Having the climax being Sarah almost having to deal the murder of her son was emotional and allowed for her to truly come to grips with the fact that she hasn't been a good mother. It would have been a cruel irony to have her son become another murder case, as she had paid more attention to cases than she did with him. Alas, it didn't turn out to be Jack, but the scare makes for a great dramatic moment, and will hopefully have a profound effect on the character. The story will shift back to the case next week, but this singular episode was just as good as any.
  • Sarahs son goes missing and she and Holder bonds over it.

    I love this show. I think almost every episode is somwhere between a 9 and a 10. This one was crap. It didn't take a genius to figure out Jack was with his father. What does this have to do with Rosie's murder? That's why I'm watching. Not this searching for her son all day crap. I don't blame the kid. She seems like a terrible mum. I think it is great she works but when you are a single mum she has to take care of him. You don't leave a 13 year old alone all the time in a motell. That seems totally unbeliveable. I hope the next episode is about Rosie again.
  • Excellent character study.

    A future Emmy performance by all. Yes, we only had 5 mins of the case, but it was a better "distraction" than others before. Future actors, take notice. Not only was it filled with "Holderisms." But we also got "Sarahisms" as well. Although i think it would have fit better earlier in the season, it did confirm a few things we only assumed about Holder and Sarah. Plus, it also gave us bonding between our detectives only hinted at in previous episodes. Veena Sud (the series' creator) wrote this episode and hopefully will write the remaining episodes. Hats off to her!
  • Better, but still not cutting it.

    I'll keep this relatively quick... there was still some "missing" pieces to this episode.

    Pros: - not one minute of Richmond/politics... phew.
    - STRONG character development; I like that. We really got into the minds of Linden and Holder's individual personalities; this is what I like in a good show. Reggie's relation finally revealed. Holder's past drug use. It all fits. The connection and dynamic between these two characters has grown, but this episode takes it up a notch further.
    - Touching story with Linden finally showing her vulnerable side and it really beefed up in about the last 20 minutes.
    - still too slow; the pacing was better here, but I found myself looking at the clock at 10:20 and 10:40... asking where is this going. Still feel that it's an inadequate use of onscreen time.
    - practically zip on the progress with the Rosie Larsen case; we still know that she was just there at the casino, which is what we already knew. Granted, this episode provided a break on the case. - quick (and surprisingly simple) resolution to missing Jack. They could have gone somewhere with this, but NOPE...

    How will these last two episodes pan out? Looks like they are saving the best for last and I'm hoping there will be some saving grace.
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