The Killing

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Friday Apr 29, 2012 on Netflix

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  • Holder is hilarious!

    Holder is hilarious!

    "You know if we're right about this, we're going to end up working a toll booth in Walla Walla the rest of our careers?"

    Holder to Linden, upon realizing that certain powerful figures may be implicated in the Rosie Larsen murder.
  • Interesting instalment

    Now this is really good drama we're watching here. I actually really enjoyed this episode a lot. The only thing that frustrated me what that the election isn't over yet - I totally thought Richmond would finally forget about the race. But, it has been far more off our radar. It's not a primary storyline anymore, thank goodness. Because I can't bear to watch the political stuff unfold any further.

    The scenes with Mitch were pretty touching in this episode. She forges this relationship with a Rosie-embodiment. The girl is sweet and flawed, but the girl ends up leaving on her. Another thing in this episode that really got us thinking was who is Rosie's real father. Now we know how Rosie found out, it's because Mitch never mailed her hand-written letter to this David guy. Maybe Rosie contacted him, maybe not, but it was easily accessible in that box Mitch had (or her grandparents kept).

    Linden's frustration with the police department are interesting - I really want to know why Sloane is interfering and likewise, how Michael Ames really fits into the whole story with Rosie. What's good is that I want to keep watching. I want to find out more. The events are unfolding at a GREAT pace, not slow and then abruptly. Things are making sense, leads are followed and then wrapped up with conclusions and new leads. The theorizing and profiling. It's all strikingly real. It feels real.

    But I really liked Holder in this episode. He provided just the right amount of comic relief, a voice of reason for Linden, and we can see their partnership really developing here. He also provided more than a few good jabs, showing he can really contribute to an investigation like this. Holder learns more about Linden each day, about her past, about her son Jack. I loved that bit at the end with Holder making homemade sushi at home in the final minutes. Can this guy get any more likeable?