The Killing

Season 1 Episode 13

Orpheus Descending

Aired Friday Jun 19, 2011 on Netflix

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  • We finnaly know who killed Rosie. Not.

    I really don't mind that we didn't get the answer to who killed Rosie. But it was so obvieous from the beginning of the episode that it wasn't Richmond. I felt that the last few episodes hasn't been so good. I loved the show from the beginning but I have started to loose interest, starting with the episode "Missing". A complete bore. It is a shame 'cause this show had great potensial. Also, does it really rain so much in Seattle???? The only thing that was surprising in this episode was Holder. Not a huge surprise. I will watch next season just to see where it is going.
  • The season finale of the Killing was in my opinion great. You are going to love it or hate it, but please don't feel the need to join this stupid smear campaign that has started about the finale. read more to get what i mean.

    my god I have read people b***h and moan about other tv series before but these people take the cake. I agree it's one thing to not like a show but people are taking it to another level in spreading their absurd anger and hate."whaa whaa we don't know who killed rosie! whaa i hate anything that doesn't satisfy my five minute attention span!" Man it really seems like people nowadays aren't satisfied with a tv show with a plot longer than 42 minutes. i mean ok some were upset that the season didn't wrap up the case but i have actually read people being angrey that it wasn't wrapped up in the first episode! like someone said here if that is what you want than go watch law and order or some other cardboard cookie cutter crime show god knows there is enough out there or just watch friggin american idol, people don't b***h that we don't find out who the winner is in the first episode on that show. I mean it really seems people can't handle watching a serialized show crime or otherwise anymore. those are often the most compelling that end up getting canceled with a few exceptions like Lost. i mean that was SO serialized and had cliffhangers every season. imagine if after the first season they suddenly just decided to say ok this is what the island is and this why the people are on it and they get rescued.. while i bet some of you morons actually would have liked that in reality it would have been terrible and completely ruined the show. Lost needed 6 seasons to tell it's story. and for the record about the killing if maybe some of you had actually paid attention to the show they basically told us in the first episode that the story would be two seasons. Jamie, richmonds advisor says that the election would be in twenty six days and the election and the characters involved in it were somehow tied to Rosie's murder so let's see if any of you can do the math. this season was 13 episodes one day per ep. so how many seasons is that? so i figured right from the start that there was the possibility of this story being two seasons. in fact if things had story HAD ended without the last two minutes i would not have liked it as much. Richmond to me was always too obvious to be the killer and the way it came to be thought it was him came out of left field too fast. watching the end of ep 12 i didn't believe it. watching the finale when they were arresting him i still didn't believe it. It was all too convenient and i was waiting for the twist.The Killing is a Drama not just about a murder but the CHARACTERS and the effect it has had on their lives. sorry if all of you who can't handle that feel the need to trash the show and also the creator and AMC! "Whaa Shame on you AMC and Veena sud, Im not wtaching season 2!" yeah that is real mature. so fine don't watch season 2 nobody cares, go watch the latest reality crap and the newest batch of doctor cop or lawyer show that solves everything up in one hour because god knows there aren't enough of those out there. and you know what i bet that many of you who said they want watch it WILL watch and, some will like it, and more likely they will only watch it so they can b***h about it. I cannot believe that there are people who watch shows that they actually DON'T like just so they can complain about it on the internet. i even read one reviewer who said that the finale was the first episode of the show they watched and then had the nerve to bad mouth it. first of all who the hell watches a season finale as their first episode? you know who you are! I'll say it again GROW UP! and lastly i have also read some comments from people who haven't seen the show and say they won't watch it now because they have read these comments that are everywhere from the Killing haters. There are people out there who love the show and don't have the mentatality of a 2 year old, so please watch it and judge for yourself.
  • Meh...

    Thank you guyroy1971 and Louis Peitzman (see, for pointing out some of the flaws of this show`s finale and season 1. They should have solved the case. This continuing of the same story in say September 2012 will not keep me interested (with AMC`s hoarding of content to one night a week, this is probably when you can expect it to return). I won`t even remember what little details happened from this season to carry over to the next. New case for season 2 was a must for me, why wait? Okay, okay, if they solve it within the next first episode, it might help me continue being engaged. But, a cycling of characters (or a new focus) is needed... We`re not learning anything new about the current characters. Maybe one little snippet per episode for one or two characters but not much else. The character development has been flattened across the past few episodes - an exception is Episode 11, with much development on Holder and Linden. This sudden twist with Holder comes too late in the game. It`s almost as if it were improvised. After such a bonding experience two episodes ago, we are left with the inception of the idea that Holder is still the shady character he was in the first episode. But our view certainly changed for the 11 episodes in between. Why not pick on his supposed child and deadbeat dad status? This is something that really did interest me in Episode 11. How and why did this twist idea come into play? This is just odd to me, they are trying to be different than the Danish version, but don`t quite head in a consistent direction. I thought I remembered hearing that the murder would be solved by the end of the season. And I agree with the previous reviewer that Linden`s believability is waning... how can she continue to stay on the case after neglecting her personal life so much. Again, this season had many serious issues: As Louis Peitzman ( linked news) states: ``If it's solved quickly, there's not enough build-up. If the killer is the main suspect from the throughout, the big reveal is too obvious. If it's a total surprise, then the show has done a poor job of dropping clues.`` I felt exactly the same way. Moved too quick and obvious sometimes, usually in the first and last 5 minutes... but the audience is here from 10:00pm to 11:00pm and although this is really pretentious of me, I would really like to be engrossed for the hour. I said before that the involvment of 3 storylines was not enough – backstory into Rosie`s life (as the previous review mentions) and some of the other minor characters would also have been much more generous. All this time spent on the election, and for what? In fact, it actually squashes the amount of time spent on the Larsen family, especially when you add up the last few episodes.

    I`m not suffering from an acute bout of ADD, I love a good percolating hour-long drama. I really wanted this series to work and I really thought it was going somewhere new after the first episode. This isn`t to say it`s not made well... because it certaintly is, just was expecting more.
  • 8 for daring...

    I give it 8 only because the creators had the balls not to solve the mystery at the end of season 1 and follow the concept of the Danish Original.

    Unfortunately they only followed the concept and they screwed up in the rest of the adaptation.
    "Forbrydelsen" (the DANISH original) is the best d@mn show I ve seen since BSG and maybe is even better.
    Killing's creators tried to change some of the ingredients from the Danish recipe and I have to say they didnt quite succeed. Still I believe there is hope, most of the cast is really good, directing, cinematography are great and I hope the creative team will correct the mistakes in season 2.

    Now... lets talk about this massive hysteria against this season Finale that suddenly made the Killing the hate of the Day, the "lebron james" of the TV shows.

    I can understand not to like the show, the story, the concept etc. What I fail to understand is the ANGER. People commenting like if the Killing is the worst thing happened to humanity after the bubonic plague.
    And if there can always be ppl who vent out by trashing shows in comments sections (myself included sometimes) what really surprised me is the Anger of the TV CRITICS.
    In all honesty I have started to believe that the creator of the show, Veena Sud, didn't offer them canapes and liquor in the press conference and they HATE her for this.
    I can't accept that reviewers that I used to like, drivel like spoiled crybabies about the finale of a show. Its an internet lynching and you know what? I really don't get it guys.

    And this comes from a person that find this show average. I am not fan, at least not yet.

    Today I have removed many reviewers bookmarks from my TV folder. Its a shame really.
  • I'm out on an island on this one, but the episode delivered some great moments and significantly deepened the plot for next season. That said, I hope they can make that decision count by delivering something special next year.

    There's something about TV mysteries that really pisses people off. Or at least a certain type of viewer that expects the reveal of a mystery to blow them away as it often can in a two hour movie with a twist. But for a TV show that's already 12 hours in it's hard to imagine that the viewer hasn't already thought of most of the realistic possibilities (as well as the unrealistic ones). Who will really be satisfied in the end?

    I realized last episode that they weren't likely to wrap everything up neatly given the original Danish show's path - some reading caught me up to the fact that their first season was 20 episodes (with a major twist around episode 18). I enjoyed the finale though - the return to the grounds by the lake and Richmond's realization that his acceptance speech was about to be interrupted were great moments. I didn't groan when the cell phone call came through. Partially this was because I knew a twist was coming (thanks Twitter spoilers), but also because leaving Richmond as the killer was far too simple. Sure it would have tied things up in a bow and that would have been enough for many. But wouldn't you rather see Holder's motivations for the frame job be explained in a satisfying way? He's been the most interesting character thus far and apparently we didn't know much about him in the end.

    I'm afraid The Killing just pissed off most of its viewers. But I'm willing to give it another season to wrap this mystery up. Interviews with the showrunner indicate that will happen early in season 2, with a second mystery spinning out of it.
  • Surprising season finale in that I thought the murder would at least be wrapped up..guess I was wrong

    The finale was good, not great, but good through the first 40 minutes. I thought ok it was the politician after all..not a great reveal but ok, the arresting of the next mayor was a big payoff, not super twisty or mindblowing, but as I said, ok. But then the finale 20 minutes or so were just too much for me.

    I can't believe the murder is still unsolved after a whole season. I thought they would move on to a new murder in season 2, but we still are stuck with this one next year?

    In my opinion, it was a mistake to draw out the murder of Rosie Lawson past this season. The characters have overstayed their welcome and the Larson story seems played out. Rosie's murder destroyed their marriage, and it seemed to be a good coda to that story..what more do we need to know next season? In my opinion not much.

    The twist with Holder and Linden also seems to be too much, how much longer can she honestly stay there, it is already stretching believability. The Holder twist that he was dirty was the only redeeming thing about the episode, it was a cool twist I did not see coming, like it or not.

    The problem isn't the twists though, its that this story is played out. These characters had thirteen episodes dealing with one event and the show needs to move on to a new story with new victims and characters. I don't know if I will be back for season 2 cause I don't really care who killed Rosie Larson anymore.

    That is also the main problem that stopped this series from catching fire like AMC's other shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Rosie Larson..we know little about her, she was only shown in bits and we could never really care who killed her. Her character is a mcguffin for everything else in the series. She never even got one spoken line, just still pictures from security cams. If you don't care about the victim, how can you care who killed her?
  • Fun, twisty ending to season 1

    My husband and I are really enjoying this show. It has a great, quiet intensity about it, and I like that they are developing the characters and drawing us farther in. I sort of expected this episode to wrap up the season, but liked it for what it was. Pretty much all of the characters turned on different paths at the last minute, and they show such human emotion and their actions are so internally consistent that it is a pleasure to watch. I am eagerly anticipating the next season, and hope they keep the quality up!