The Killing

Season 1 Episode 13

Orpheus Descending

Aired Friday Jun 19, 2011 on Netflix

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  • I'm out on an island on this one, but the episode delivered some great moments and significantly deepened the plot for next season. That said, I hope they can make that decision count by delivering something special next year.

    There's something about TV mysteries that really pisses people off. Or at least a certain type of viewer that expects the reveal of a mystery to blow them away as it often can in a two hour movie with a twist. But for a TV show that's already 12 hours in it's hard to imagine that the viewer hasn't already thought of most of the realistic possibilities (as well as the unrealistic ones). Who will really be satisfied in the end?

    I realized last episode that they weren't likely to wrap everything up neatly given the original Danish show's path - some reading caught me up to the fact that their first season was 20 episodes (with a major twist around episode 18). I enjoyed the finale though - the return to the grounds by the lake and Richmond's realization that his acceptance speech was about to be interrupted were great moments. I didn't groan when the cell phone call came through. Partially this was because I knew a twist was coming (thanks Twitter spoilers), but also because leaving Richmond as the killer was far too simple. Sure it would have tied things up in a bow and that would have been enough for many. But wouldn't you rather see Holder's motivations for the frame job be explained in a satisfying way? He's been the most interesting character thus far and apparently we didn't know much about him in the end.

    I'm afraid The Killing just pissed off most of its viewers. But I'm willing to give it another season to wrap this mystery up. Interviews with the showrunner indicate that will happen early in season 2, with a second mystery spinning out of it.