The Killing

Season 1 Episode 13

Orpheus Descending

Aired Friday Jun 19, 2011 on Netflix

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  • Meh...

    Thank you guyroy1971 and Louis Peitzman (see, for pointing out some of the flaws of this show`s finale and season 1. They should have solved the case. This continuing of the same story in say September 2012 will not keep me interested (with AMC`s hoarding of content to one night a week, this is probably when you can expect it to return). I won`t even remember what little details happened from this season to carry over to the next. New case for season 2 was a must for me, why wait? Okay, okay, if they solve it within the next first episode, it might help me continue being engaged. But, a cycling of characters (or a new focus) is needed... We`re not learning anything new about the current characters. Maybe one little snippet per episode for one or two characters but not much else. The character development has been flattened across the past few episodes - an exception is Episode 11, with much development on Holder and Linden. This sudden twist with Holder comes too late in the game. It`s almost as if it were improvised. After such a bonding experience two episodes ago, we are left with the inception of the idea that Holder is still the shady character he was in the first episode. But our view certainly changed for the 11 episodes in between. Why not pick on his supposed child and deadbeat dad status? This is something that really did interest me in Episode 11. How and why did this twist idea come into play? This is just odd to me, they are trying to be different than the Danish version, but don`t quite head in a consistent direction. I thought I remembered hearing that the murder would be solved by the end of the season. And I agree with the previous reviewer that Linden`s believability is waning... how can she continue to stay on the case after neglecting her personal life so much. Again, this season had many serious issues: As Louis Peitzman ( linked news) states: ``If it's solved quickly, there's not enough build-up. If the killer is the main suspect from the throughout, the big reveal is too obvious. If it's a total surprise, then the show has done a poor job of dropping clues.`` I felt exactly the same way. Moved too quick and obvious sometimes, usually in the first and last 5 minutes... but the audience is here from 10:00pm to 11:00pm and although this is really pretentious of me, I would really like to be engrossed for the hour. I said before that the involvment of 3 storylines was not enough – backstory into Rosie`s life (as the previous review mentions) and some of the other minor characters would also have been much more generous. All this time spent on the election, and for what? In fact, it actually squashes the amount of time spent on the Larsen family, especially when you add up the last few episodes.

    I`m not suffering from an acute bout of ADD, I love a good percolating hour-long drama. I really wanted this series to work and I really thought it was going somewhere new after the first episode. This isn`t to say it`s not made well... because it certaintly is, just was expecting more.