The Killing

Season 1 Episode 13

Orpheus Descending

Aired Friday Jun 19, 2011 on Netflix

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  • 8 for daring...

    I give it 8 only because the creators had the balls not to solve the mystery at the end of season 1 and follow the concept of the Danish Original.

    Unfortunately they only followed the concept and they screwed up in the rest of the adaptation.
    "Forbrydelsen" (the DANISH original) is the best d@mn show I ve seen since BSG and maybe is even better.
    Killing's creators tried to change some of the ingredients from the Danish recipe and I have to say they didnt quite succeed. Still I believe there is hope, most of the cast is really good, directing, cinematography are great and I hope the creative team will correct the mistakes in season 2.

    Now... lets talk about this massive hysteria against this season Finale that suddenly made the Killing the hate of the Day, the "lebron james" of the TV shows.

    I can understand not to like the show, the story, the concept etc. What I fail to understand is the ANGER. People commenting like if the Killing is the worst thing happened to humanity after the bubonic plague.
    And if there can always be ppl who vent out by trashing shows in comments sections (myself included sometimes) what really surprised me is the Anger of the TV CRITICS.
    In all honesty I have started to believe that the creator of the show, Veena Sud, didn't offer them canapes and liquor in the press conference and they HATE her for this.
    I can't accept that reviewers that I used to like, drivel like spoiled crybabies about the finale of a show. Its an internet lynching and you know what? I really don't get it guys.

    And this comes from a person that find this show average. I am not fan, at least not yet.

    Today I have removed many reviewers bookmarks from my TV folder. Its a shame really.