The Killing

Season 1 Episode 13

Orpheus Descending

Aired Friday Jun 19, 2011 on Netflix

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  • The season finale of the Killing was in my opinion great. You are going to love it or hate it, but please don't feel the need to join this stupid smear campaign that has started about the finale. read more to get what i mean.

    my god I have read people b***h and moan about other tv series before but these people take the cake. I agree it's one thing to not like a show but people are taking it to another level in spreading their absurd anger and hate."whaa whaa we don't know who killed rosie! whaa i hate anything that doesn't satisfy my five minute attention span!" Man it really seems like people nowadays aren't satisfied with a tv show with a plot longer than 42 minutes. i mean ok some were upset that the season didn't wrap up the case but i have actually read people being angrey that it wasn't wrapped up in the first episode! like someone said here if that is what you want than go watch law and order or some other cardboard cookie cutter crime show god knows there is enough out there or just watch friggin american idol, people don't b***h that we don't find out who the winner is in the first episode on that show. I mean it really seems people can't handle watching a serialized show crime or otherwise anymore. those are often the most compelling that end up getting canceled with a few exceptions like Lost. i mean that was SO serialized and had cliffhangers every season. imagine if after the first season they suddenly just decided to say ok this is what the island is and this why the people are on it and they get rescued.. while i bet some of you morons actually would have liked that in reality it would have been terrible and completely ruined the show. Lost needed 6 seasons to tell it's story. and for the record about the killing if maybe some of you had actually paid attention to the show they basically told us in the first episode that the story would be two seasons. Jamie, richmonds advisor says that the election would be in twenty six days and the election and the characters involved in it were somehow tied to Rosie's murder so let's see if any of you can do the math. this season was 13 episodes one day per ep. so how many seasons is that? so i figured right from the start that there was the possibility of this story being two seasons. in fact if things had story HAD ended without the last two minutes i would not have liked it as much. Richmond to me was always too obvious to be the killer and the way it came to be thought it was him came out of left field too fast. watching the end of ep 12 i didn't believe it. watching the finale when they were arresting him i still didn't believe it. It was all too convenient and i was waiting for the twist.The Killing is a Drama not just about a murder but the CHARACTERS and the effect it has had on their lives. sorry if all of you who can't handle that feel the need to trash the show and also the creator and AMC! "Whaa Shame on you AMC and Veena sud, Im not wtaching season 2!" yeah that is real mature. so fine don't watch season 2 nobody cares, go watch the latest reality crap and the newest batch of doctor cop or lawyer show that solves everything up in one hour because god knows there aren't enough of those out there. and you know what i bet that many of you who said they want watch it WILL watch and, some will like it, and more likely they will only watch it so they can b***h about it. I cannot believe that there are people who watch shows that they actually DON'T like just so they can complain about it on the internet. i even read one reviewer who said that the finale was the first episode of the show they watched and then had the nerve to bad mouth it. first of all who the hell watches a season finale as their first episode? you know who you are! I'll say it again GROW UP! and lastly i have also read some comments from people who haven't seen the show and say they won't watch it now because they have read these comments that are everywhere from the Killing haters. There are people out there who love the show and don't have the mentatality of a 2 year old, so please watch it and judge for yourself.