The Killing

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Friday Jul 21, 2013 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Danette puts up missing-person flyers for Kallie in her neighborhood. She arrives back at her trailer and finds Joe Mills inside the place looking through her things.

Holder and Linden want a psychologist to assess Adrian to see if he can be a credible witness. Linden gets a call from the station. They rush over to Danette's trailer and see that she has been beaten up. The car has been stolen along with any money that she had. Danette says he took camping and fishing supplies and may have headed north towards the Canadian border. Danette says the keys to her storage locker are also gone.

Seward tries to get a hold of Linden again but Becker says that getting out is going to be a long shot.

Linden and Holder head over to the storage unit location. Linden gets a call saying that the psychologist is still talking to Adrian. Inside the unit they find lots of stuff, but also a sleeping bag where Mills must have been camping out. The cigarette looks recently lit. They hear the elevator buzz and rush over to corner Mills. Downstairs, Mills tackles Linden to the floor while Holder catches up. Mills gets in a few punches at Linden while Linden fights back but Holder is soon on top of him.

Skinner arrives and Reddick has found a box of rings that could be the victim's personal belongings. That's enough to connect Mills to the murders and they promptly arrest Mills. Linden looks through the box and finds a familiar necklace - the one Bullet was wearing. The team is also checking Mills' cab downstairs and Holder radios up saying there is blood on the bumper. Linden races down, begging them to stay away from the cab. Holder is about to open the trunk but Linden tells him not to. He looks inside and finds Bullet dead inside. An immense look of sadness overcomes his face. He could have saved her.

Back at the station, Reddick offers to beat up the disgusting Joe Mills for Holder. Instead, Holder leaves and Skinner comes in, offering condolences to him. Linden wants to interrogate Mills but Skinner says that Mills will only talk to Danette. Linden thinks that Mills wants to tell Danette that Kallie is still alive because there was no blue ring among the others discovered. Outside the station, reporters swarm the police station. Caroline sees Holder leave the station and gets into his car. She apologizes for what happened but to not blame himself for Bullet's death. Holder gets angry with Caroline saying he was an addict himself, shooting meth everyday.

A visibly upset Twitch comes home to Lyric who is somewhat happier. Lyric says that Twitch is finally off probation and they can finally move to L.A. Lyric senses something is wrong and Twitch tells her that he just learned that Bullet is dead.

Linden gets a text that Adrian is cleared to talk to her. But first, she watches as Danette talks to Mills. Mills denies hurting Kallie, she jumped out of the cab and ran off. Danette is furious and knows about those videos. Mills asks her to get money together and get him a lawyer. Mills said he was only helping those girls, he didn't do anything wrong to them. Danette is disgusted at him and screams at him to reveal what he has done to the police.

At the school, Linden asks Adrian about the night that his mother was killed. Linden asks if he knows who killed his mother. Adrian says there was some light from the Christmas tree and that's how he knows. Adrian points to Mills in the photo lineup. Adrian asks to see his dad again.

Back at the station, Linden overhears Skinner briefing the press about arresting Mills. Linden checks if she has messages and there are some from Seward. She sees Danette in the hallway, however, and shuts her phone. She talks to Linden about how nice Joe Mills was. She had been with Mills for over three years. She recalls how he bought presents for Kallie three years ago even though he was in Alaska. Suddenly, Linden realizes that Joe Mills was not even in Seattle during the murder of Seward's wife and therefore couldn't have been there that night.

Meanwhile, Seward begs for more phone calls, hoping to reach Linden. Becker refuses to let him have any more calls. The inmate next to him tells Seward not to give up hope.

Twitch shows Lyric a government-subsidized apartment that he paid the deposit for. Twitch says that L.A. was a dumb idea and vows to stick with Lyric. Lyric is so happy she dances.

Linden goes to Holder's apartment, where he is still upset over Bullet's death. Linden tells him that it's not his fault. She briefs him that Adrian picked out Mills but that he wasn't in town the night Trisha Seward was killed. Adrian lied in the original investigation. Holder thinks Adrian saw Mills on TV and that's why he picked him out. Only Danette knows that Mills was out of town, so she can get Seward more time. Holder wishes he had called Bullet back. Sarah again tells him that it's not his fault.

Seward sees daylight for one of the last times. Prison inmate Dale tells Seward to pray and Seward finally drops to his knees and tries. Dale laughs and says that Seward was easy to break. Seward realizes that Dale was just playing a joke on him. Inside the prison, Henderson learns that Becker has placed him on the execution team without informing him. Just then, Henderson gets a call from Becker's wife, Annie, saying that someone has been shot. When he gets over, Becker and Henderson learn that Becker's son Francis shot another man who entered the house to see Annie. Annie is frantic in the background. Becker doesn't immediately realize what is happening and claims that he doesn't know what is going on.

Holder heads to the Coroner's office to identify Bullet's body. The Coroner Jablonski mentions that Bullet called numerous times last night and she even called Reddick, who logged the calls. Reddick dismissed them because he probably thought it was another goose chase. This angers Holder and he heads over to Reddick's house. Holder punches him in the head while his daughters and wife try to stop Holder. Reddick suffers a broken lip and nose as his daughters scream.

Linden heads back to the station where Skinner tells her that they have matched all but four rings to the victims. Skinner says there may be another dumpsite and they are talking to Mills. He asks about Adrian but Linden says that there is no connection between Trisha Seward and Joe Mills. Linden says she is not going to the execution tomorrow. Skinner says they are going for drinks to celebrate the capture of Mills. Skinner congratulates Linden when she declines to go out for drinks with them. Skinner says she should say on the force with the police, this is where she belongs. Linden can't help but feel there is something still missing.

Holder heads home after his encounter with Reddick. Seward continues waiting. Linden takes the last four unmatched rings with her to her car.