The Killing

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Friday Apr 01, 2012 on Netflix

Episode Recap

The episode opens with a recap of the entire first season ending with Richmond getting shot. Linden exits a bathroom in the airport. Linden tells her son, Jack, that she is sorry and that sometimes things don't work out. Linden says she is staying put, no more moving around. Linden sees the news report on Richmond's shooting. Richmond is shown being loaded into an ambulance. The aides, Jamie and Gwen, watch helplessly as Richmond is taken to a hospital. Linden hurries over to the Lt. Michael Oakes house. Rosie's killer is still out there, Linden says, mentioning the tollbooth photo was faked.

Lt. Oakes is not happy on hearing this. But Linden says she will look into this fake photo of Richmond shown driving the car that Rosie's body was found in. Linden says Holder could not have done this on his own. She learns that her partner Stephen Holder was assigned to Homicide by 20-year veteran Lt. Gil Sloane from the county sheriff's department, the same department that handles bridges and tunnels. Linden thinks Richmond was set up from the beginning.

Holder cracks a window and smokes a cigarette. Lt. Sloane is driving Holder around. Holder hears the news about Richmond. Meanwhile, Holder visits a new crime scene, a graphic murder. On the news, Belko is said to be the one who shot Richmond. Stan Larsen and Terry hear this. Belko also killed his mother, the murder scene we just saw Holder at. Holder heads to the Larsen's house and tells Stan that Rosie met Richmond through the Beau Soleil escort service. Stan tells him he's wrong. Gwen and Jamie get an update at the hospital. Richmond is not doing so well, so Jamie suggests calling in his sister.

Down at the county records office, Linden asks about the cameras on the bridge where Richmond was seen. The clerk confirms that those cameras have been out of order since August. Rosie died October 5th. The department manager comes out to say the cameras are operational. Linden doesn't believe him and tells him so. He calls her by name and she points out that she never said who she was. She thinks Oakes might have had a hand in it. It's now Day 14 of Rosie's investigation. Jamie tells the press that Richmond did not murder Rosie Larsen.

Linden asks Jack if he is hungry. She decides to head to a church, where she drops him off with a school friend. Holder tries calling but she cancels his call. Holder is interrogating Belko. Holder tries to get to Belko's reasoning and thinks that he tried to make things "right" by shooting Richmond. Belko says he needs to tell Stan why. Stan and Terry don't know where Mitch is or has been for the past couple of days. Jamie and Gwen continue to wait for more news, talking over coffee. Linden tries to find Lt. Sloane but learns he retired 2 months ago. Linden gets a call from Greg, but soon hangs up. Finding a photo of Lt. Sloane on a wall, she realizes he's Holder's Narcotics Anonymous sponsor. Linden heads to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and managers to get Sloane's phone number from a sponsor phone list. She calls a colleague to trace the phone number so she can get an address. Holder tries to contact Linden again only this time he uses Jack as bait. Linden answers and find that Jack is with Holder.

Alarmed, Linden hurries to Holder's office to get Jack. Holder doesn't get much out of Linden, not even why she's still in Seattle. After Linden leaves, an officer brings in the enlargements from Rosie's Super8 film that Linden had ordered. Someone following her had a tattoo of a cartoon like figure on an arm. Terry tries calling Mitch again, but no answer. Stan heads down to the station. Gwen has doubts on Richmond's innocence. Jamie is shocked that she told the police Richmond left for awhile during the night Rosie was killed. Linden is at the hotel now with Jack. Linden says Jack can't go to California to be with Greg. Linden heads out.

Sloane finds Holder and offers dinner. He gives Holder his new Homicide badge. Holder is still looking over the new photos. Belko talks to Stan telling him that he got Richmond good, just like they got the teacher, Rosie's teacher. Belko seems a bit deranged and starts saying he did it for Stan and Rosie. Linden has a reporter call Sloane at his home and congratulate him on being the source of the evidence that led to Richmond's arrest. Linden watches from across the street. Sloane is seen going to his computer and erasing the images of Richmond in his car on the bridge.

Stan gets more questions from the kids asking where Mitch is. Linden watches as a police cruiser passes by. Sloane heads out in his car. Linden follows. The doctor tells Gwen and Jamie that Richmond survived the surgery but it paralyzed from the waist down. Because Gwen went to the police, Jamie feels like this is her fault. He angrily asks her to leave. Linden follows Sloane to a dock area. Holder heads back into the office. He sees Belko being ushered into another room. However, this time Belko takes the officer's gun and holds him at gunpoint. Holder quickly takes out his own gun and tries to talk Belko into putting the gun down but Belko puts a gun into his mouth and kills himself.

Linden follows Sloane to the closed-down construction site for the Mayor's waterfront development project. A Porsche approaches Sloane and Benjamin Abani, Mayor Adams' assistant, gets out. Sloane wants to know how a reporter got his contact information. As this is taking place, an unidentified person is snapping photos of Linden in her car.

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