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  • Great scenes and characters

    This was one of the best shows I've ever seen, it really puts you there on the scene and makes you feel comfortable with all the characters, I think Linden was fabulous and Holder played his Eminem role magnificently. I already miss them
  • A good beginning ended bad

    The Season 1 & 2 was very interesting and engaging.. But season 3 was a led down. Making the show slow. Season 4 was over before even it got started. On the whole, Season 1 & 2 is a must watch for Crime Thriller fans out there.
  • seasin 1 through 3

    I believe they lost their viewers because of the long wait between seasons hiatus was so long you forgot about it, it was a great show
  • <3 this show!!

    They should deffently keep this show going. I didn't know about it when it was on tv just found it on netflix and had to watch ole very season took a week to get through them but I watched every one of them and hope they keep it going!
  • Linda got a little strange at the end of seasons 2, i started thinking she really might be crazy

    But this show has made me really feel for the characters, particularly the stars Hulder & Linda. This show is so real, don't know how else to put it. It really makes you feel the emotion & suspense. I wish it was lonegr than 4 seasons (3 and a half).
  • How about subtitles

    Would someone please arrange for English subtitles to be included in the TV series. The plot is very difficult to follow. Unfortunately the actors don't speak clearly and don't even open their mouths when talking making it impossible to hear what they say. To make matter even worse, the music then is so loud that you can't hear what is said.

  • Give us more of this show !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Think I've fallen in love with Joel Kinnaman. He's such a good actor. Also, loved Mireille Enos in her role. She 's a good role model for working moms today. Brent Sexton was excellent, great actor. They all deserve television awards of the highest kind. This show more than any other I have seen is reflective of so many relationships of working moms and the world. Give us more, please.
  • Amazing!!

    One of the best shows I've ever seen. Cant believe its over. :(
  • subtitles are your friend

    why do American always have to do remakes of popular foreign tv shows/ movies. The original Danish 3 season series is perfect.
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    The Killing is a re-creation of a hit Swedish show and has officially been killed by . Again another amazing show gets swept under the rug. Even if you have the best show in the world, when you hardly advertise it and bury it on Friday's at ten, what do you think is going to happen to it? I mentioned to half a dozen people that I was watching this show and not a single one of them had ever heard of it!? That is besides the point though, my job is review the content and what I saw was very different. The Killing actually took some time to grow on me. It is everything that's advertised, but it's a bit unusual. Rosie Larsen is a seemingly innocent seventeen year old girl, whose body is found inside the trunk of a car, belonging to the campaign of a Mayoral candidate. After the premier episode that introduces us to everyone, the following episodes are broken up into segments. One closely follow every aspect of the police investigation, which is really fascinating. It's also somewhat strange as the two detectives are both in their twenties. Linden (Mireille Enos) has a past, is extremely dedicated to he job, and seemingly has no emotion. Her partner Holder (Joel Kinnaman) is young, good looking, and may have called in some favors to get the job he has. Holder is short tempered and immature, the perfect opposite of Linden, making them a very interesting pair. The next set of segments follows the Mayoral race, we get to deeply know both candidates, their campaigns, and the people who work for them, giving us an unlimited number of suspects. The last of the regular segments, features the heartbroken family of Rosie Larsen and in detail it shows how it effects each member. The story being told is one of the best I've ever seen in a TV show. No one is what they seem, everyone is a suspect, and their are so many twists and turns that you'll be doubting yourself as much as the investigators doubt their instincts. The cast is equally as good and in fact is what makes this show unique. The characters are not the type of characters you'd expect to see in this type of show. The personalities don't quite fit the roles and it leads to some very unusual, but interesting scenes. The Killing was thoroughly enjoyable and should have been a tremendous hit, but poor rating and a network that wasn't really devoted to the show led to it's demise.
  • Just binge watched Season 4...

    I'm giggling like a girl at the ending - loved it! Was a brilliant season and I'm going to miss Holder and Linden so much that I think I'll just have to start the series all over again.
  • A great end to an uneven but good series

    I loved season 1 but season 2 wasn't very good. However season 3 was really good. Season 4 was also very good. The actor, Tylor Ross who played Kyle was so good. I hope to see more of him. The ending with Linden and Holder was nice. My only complaint was the conclusion og Skinners murder. That was just wrapped up too fast and not very likely. All in all I am very happy that I watced this series.
  • Can't believe how good the killing is

    I watched when i was bored and thought the family arc of the show would bore me too much but the show is actually really good!!!!!
  • MY OH MY

    This,This,This,This is so so Boy This Series is perfect really it can't even express my self right.
  • Great tv series

    I really like this show, but have not be able to find it on my local tv carrier, (Comcast). Is still on. This review is wrote on 7/18/14.
  • The 4th and final season is coming - 1st August and trailer's out!

    Check it out! 7clobUQmQ

    Oh and - how come there is not a community for The Killing?
  • it's great!

    love it!

    and the 3rd season even better.....

    one of the few... so good show-

    we want more & and more......

    keep making episodes please !!!!!

    * all the actors are playing so good, and I'm glad that in this season peter sarsgaard perfoming one of the main is so good!!!
  • One of the best shows on TV

    So so disappointed that all we are getting is a short 4th and final season, this show deserves so much more, it's much better than 90% of the shows on tv today
  • Season Four will be on NetFlix

    The killing has risen rom the dead and there will be a six episode final season on Netflix and this cannot be but excellent news to those real fans like me who truly admire the show. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman will be back to end this remarkable series in style as it should. this is again a great initiative from Netflix and a very smart move on their part.
  • The BEST series

    One of the best series and acting I have seen in along time. The show was real, gripping and did not hide the ugliness living within the corners of everyday life. I am so tired of Hollywood and the shows the networks are spitting out. Thank goodness for Netflix. To me, the show was like a well-written book you could not put down. Sense AMC and Fox are cowards maybe NetFlix will pick it up.
  • In the words of Holder, "I don't eat meat, bitch!"

    I've already ranted on about why I love this show in another comment so I'll just say it again here:

    I know a lot of people thought the first two seasons were too slow but I actually enjoyed them, despite being a bit predictable. There was so much to love about the show:

    THE LEADS are fantastic and fantastic together. I liked how they didn't try to make Linden too likable and that in itself made her likable (well to me, anyway). She's also smart and doesn't take shit from anyone. Holder is just awesome sauce, from the way he talks to the way he always has Linden's back; like with her kid and when other cops were bitching about her. Also appreciated how the writers didn't feel the need to make them romantically involved with each other, like so many other shows do.

    THE LONG ASS EPISODES! I actually liked the whole one-day-one-episode thing; that way we got to know all the characters and their actions seem more realistic. Like when it was revealed that Terry pushed the campaign car into the water, it was believable (rather than just a last minute plot twist) because we saw how guilty she felt through her actions. Also by getting to know all the characters, none of them were simply labeled as a "bad guy" (or a "good guy" for that matter), like in the case of Belko.

    I was even fond of the random details, like how they're always smoking (or trying to quit, though they don't seem to be trying very and how its always raining. Yes, you're not watching the Killing unless it starts to rain. Overall I loved the first two seasons but season three was the difference between a good show and a great show.
  • good show but

    I still agree with the death penalty by lethal injection. I believe it is the right course of action after the proper amount of time for appeals has concluded. We cannot afford to house violent criminals for the remainder of their lives and the answer it NOT to weaken the laws so that more criminals go free.
  • The Killing

    We NEED another season. Really is one of the best!!!
  • The Killing is one of the BEST shows on TV

    I love the Killing! Its one of the best, well written shows on TV. An American version of a BBC Original that only gets better as it goes.
  • Season 3

    Season 3 should really be classed as a different series. Seasons one and two tried to encapsulate forbrydelsen by copying the story ( very very closely) but season 3 is far closer by focussing on the 2 lead detectives (who, as in forbrydelsen do REALLY stupid things), Sarahs increasingly dodgy mental state, a political theme, and mostly atmosphere. This season has been great at painting a gloomy, yet fascinating world and it was this that made you forget about the ridiculous and frustrating "line all the suspects up one by one until they uncover their shady secret that proves their innocent" format of forbrydelsen. My only gripe so far with this series is girls', mothers' boyfriend as prime suspect by episode 3 and then just forgotten about for 4 whole episodes!!!!im guessing hedunnit
  • Antisipating season 4

    This is such a great show. I love Linden.
  • 3rd Season is better

    I'm really enjoying this season. Excellent performances and plenty of red herrings to keep you guessing.
  • One underrated show...

    Of course there must be so many others, but can't watch all of them!

    So about The Killing, what is to say? Yes, the storyline is ok-to-good. But the characters are well written, the actors, Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos (this woman definitely has something special) are so great individually and together and it doesn't matter if Linden seems to always be in some kind of constant light depression, both of them are doing a great job.

    The 2 first seasons stuck on original Danish series Forbrydelsen (did not watch it but was acclaimed by the critic), this 3rd tries a new path, and it works.

    Of course the show is not flawless (lingering, some of the kids stories, but anytime they seem to lose you, the 2 main characters/actors, and their connection, keep you around for more.

    We don't always want fast-paced, action-driven, obvious-psychology-characters tv shows.

    Sometimes we want something different. Sometimes we want something that's taking us by the hand and show us the dark, rainy, non-perfect way through its story. And in its own small world, that's what The Killing is doing. And I'm ok with that.
  • Still on the fence, can't "buy in"

    Great casting. I like that it is more realistic and shows that a murder investigation is a slow process that isn't solved in 60 minutes or a few days.

    But as a guy that works in Seattle and has lived in the area for over 45 years it really bothers me that they get so many details wrong. Every episode I've seen is filled with details that make it hard for me to "buy in" to an otherwise well written wonderfully cast drama. Just as an example no one here refers to I-5 as "THE I-5", that sounds like southern California talk there. Also it doesn't rain and isn't overcast everyday here. People here rarely dress like we're living in the frozen north. I probably wear a light jacket in the early morning 30 to 60 days a year, if that, and an actual winter coat may come out for a couple of days of snow once or twice a year. Many of the locations and where they are referenced to being are far from realistic to anyone that knows the area. I actually enjoy that some of the depictions of Seattleites are slightly hokey over the top caricatures, but I wish they would get someone who actually knows Seattle on the production crew as a consultant.
  • Solid Series

    I like it, its very intense and the premise is interesting. Although some of the characters including the children makes the view not want to care what happens to them.