The Killing

Season 3 Episode 5

Scared and Running

Aired Friday Jun 23, 2013 on Netflix

Episode Recap

It's raining late at night and a girl runs out of the woods on a deserted street. She is injured and bleeding and a young man driving a car strikes her. When the driver gets out, the girl runs before he can help. Behind him, a figure appears in front of his headlights and the young man asks who is there.

Danette, Kallie's mother, wakes up and finds Joe missing. Kallie must have called during the night and she says she is worried now. Joe returns having been gone for much of the night. Danette is worried about Kallie but Joe says she called so at least she must be okay.

Holder shows photos of Joe to Mama Dips, the owner of the motel, saying that his last known address was listed at the motel. They must know each other, Holder asserts. Linden suddenly clues in, it's her son, she says. Mama Dips finally tells them to leave her boy alone. But Linden tells her that she is hurting his boy and to stop protecting him. Mama Dips says Joe would never hurt anyone of those girls. An officer brings in some new information. Holder shows Linden.

Linden and Holder burst into Danette's trailer with a search warrant. They know Joe Mills was there – Mama Dips made two phone calls to that location from the police station. Linden tells Danette that Joe Mills made those videos, including the one featuring Kallie. Danette does not know where Joe would have gone, but is at work. Linden is very upset at Danette but Holder stops her from stepping outside her role as a detective. Linden offers to drive now that she's riled up. Just then, Skinner calls with news of a possible sighting of Joe Mills.

Back at the prison, Alton is still talking. He rehearses a speech he plans to give to his family and victims. Another prisoner says to ask for forgiveness, but Seward doesn't plan on doing so in his case.

Skinner is interviewing the young man who saw something at night when he hit the girl. The girl apparently had red hair and fled from the man. Skinner sends Holder and Linden out on foot, with a full team arriving soon. Linden decides to backtrack back into the forest and finds a red biohazard bag hanging in the tree. But it's empty. Holder and Linden drive-by the adjacent city area where the girl could have run to when she got out of the woods. At 3:00 AM though, it's not likely that anyone saw her. Holder also mentions that he talked to Jack, Linden's son and says that he sounded happy.

Becker announces that Seward's execution will occur in two weeks and asks for six volunteers to assist. While most of the other guards sign up, Henderson leaves without looking at the pages.

Linden and Holder head around towards the Beacon Home and find a couple of kids huddled around something. It's a severed finger in the alleyway. The girl who was running away might have tried to go to the Beacon Home for help. Inside the Beacon Home, Pastor Mike does not have any news. None of the kids would sneak someone into the shelter. They would not risk their spot in the Beacon Home. Pastor Mike says to check the city's three remaining 24-hour clinics. Outside, Bullet asks what the news is and whether they have found Kallie. When Holder says he's going to check the clinics, Bullet says Kallie would never go there. She offers to take them somewhere and directs Linden and Holder to the place.

At the overpass bridge, Kallie sometimes sleeps here when she can't find a bed. She notices that some punks are there and Bullet says Kallie would never go there if those punks were there. Holder goes undercover with a hoodie from the trunk and tries to get some information out of them. Back in the car, Bullet says Holder's nickname is now "Bugs". One of the punks says that he heard crying last night, all night, from down by the river. Holder investigates and sees some large concrete sewer pipes across the river. Holder reports back to the car and they all head over across the river. Linden and Holder find bloodstains in one of the pipes, and not just a little. Bullet is worried that her friend may now be dead. Holder says there's nothing much else they can do and Bullet punches him in the stomach and then runs off. Holder offers to get food, but Linden declines. They'll regroup in the morning.

Meanwhile, Danette drives the streets of The Jungle looking for Kallie. She calls her cellphone but doesn't get an answer. A police cruiser whizzes by her and Danette decides to follow. She notices that girls are getting picked up.

A prisoner beside Seward named Dale asks him about Seward's wife. Seward says he liked her wild but she did not end up being mother material. Dale asks if he loved her, if she disappointed him. Seward tries to deflect. Becker notifies Seward that he has a visitor. It's someone named Tess Clarke, Adrian's foster mother. She tells Seward that she'd like to adopt Adrian and says it would be better for Adrian if he knew that Seward approved of the adoption. Seward says he'll be dead in two weeks, so she'll get custody of Adrian anyway. Tess admits, Adrian wants to see his father, saying that the son forgives him. Seward snickers and calls for the guard to take him away.

Back at the station, Linden sees Skinner's wife and daughter as she brings him up to speed. Linden then misses the ferry so she decides to crash at Holder's apartment. Caroline is also there and she introduces herself. They invite her in though, even though it's Valentine's Day. Holder has been so caught up with work that he forgot about this event so he says he actually celebrates it on the 15th. Holder gets a call from the station, saying that Bullet has something. Holder asks for permission to go and they head out to talk to Bullet. Bullet says a friend saw a man carry a girl into an alleyway near a veterinarian clinic. Linden and Holder decide to investigate. Inside, they find a lot of animals and it starts to get loud. They open another inner door and find a young doctor there. The doctor immediately says that he didn't do it. Inside the room, a girl is recovering from wounds. He doesn't know who dropped her off but he tried to treat her wounds. The girl wakes up and screams. She has various cuts and bruises all over her body but she is alive. It's not Kallie.

Outside, Holder talks to Bullet and lets her know that it's not her friend. Bullet starts to accept that fact that Kallie may be dead.

Seward is awakened. The guards bring Alton back to his cell after the meeting with the family of the victims. Seward notices that he is silence for once. Alton is noticeably upset because he says his meeting involved his brother and sister. He killed his parents. He says his siblings have forgiven him.

Danette meets up with Joe Mills, oblivious to the fact that this guy is creepy. Joe Mills heads to shower and Danette decides to call Kallie again. She's surprised when the sound of Kallie's cellphone ring fills the room. Danette finds the cellphone inside Joe's bag. She turns around and sees Joe stepping back into the room.