The Killing

Season 3 Episode 10

Six Minutes

Aired Friday Jul 28, 2013 on Netflix

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  • A punch to the gut

    That was brutal. The writers did not miss even one que to cause the viewer extreme discomfort. And when the unavoidable eventually happened (spoiler: if you thought that seaward was going to be spared even for one minute than you were probably not paying attention to this series), it was a truly vicious punch to the gut. I just wonder what's going to happen in the finale, and really REALLY hope the series is going to be continued for a 4th season, what unfortunately seems very unlikely.
  • Brilliance and despair

    "Six Minutes" has been by far the most emotional, gripping and gruesome episode in this haunting series' third season - if not in its whole run so far.

    Confronted with not only Bullet's horrible death (of which nothing but her "Faith" tattoo is shown - as well as Holder's expression that something broke inside of him) but also the inevitability of Seward's execution and Linden's helplessness, these fifty minutes delivered what makes this show so great: a dark, often desparate atmosphere, tales of only-too-human failures, unspoken words and suppressed emotions - all intertwined in a crime drama that fathoms the depths of human existence.

    All this culminates in some of the most gripping and horrifying minutes in TV at least this year: Seward's walk to the gallows. All the denial, all the pain, all the regrets and mistakes - Peter Sarsgaard's (and - as the unwilling spectator - Mireille Enos') performance, paired with impeccably atmospheric direction depicts the ripping loneliness when facing death and execution.

    Television does hardly ever get more gripping than that.
  • Dead Man Talking

    At first, I really did not like this episode. I wanted that particular hour of my life back. I likened it to the episode where they spent its entirety trying to find Jack Linden. Two people talking and not really getting anywhere, except the confirmation that Ray was a bad person, but not a wife killer. It took two full days for me to realize that it wasn't about the impending dead drop that I knew would happen (Veena doesn't do happy but about the actor who most certainly deserves an Emmy nomination next year - Sarsgaard. Kinnaman as Holder almost comes close to it every season, but Peter nailed it with this episode. His Ray, like Bullet, will be missed.

    I just hope the final two hours do them justice.
  • Definitely Brilliant

    Probably the most nuanced, emotional episode of the series yet. EXTREMELY well written and acted. AMC is amazing.
  • Brilliant, sort of

    Oh my god this episode was so dark, so sad, so full of frustration and really, really good.
  • OH MY GOD!

    wow, this show leaves you shocked each and every time...

    such a sad and intense episode! i feel so sorry for the kid...
  • Hauntingly good

    I keep getting a knot in my stomach every time I watch this show. It affects the emotions and leaves you exhausted. I don't cry much on tv shows but this time a cried like a baby. I hated seeing this man suffer. I know he was a jerk but he was so afraid. And then him not dying right away. That will stay with Linden for a long time. This episode was to sad for words. The CO of the prison, I wanted to kick him in the balls, but seeing him fall apart on the scaffolding made me sad too. Maybe he found his humanity at the end.
  • God Damn

    Excellent episode. Some really well acted humanism, And the overall build to the climactic finish. Superb tv. Becker finally breaks back into his humanity. But hey, they fucked up the hanging. Wow. At first it sounded like some warped kid's voice through a tannoy - surely not his kid, right? - and then it's plain as Holder gets up that it's Seward gurgling to the last moment. Just the sort of thing to cheer the soul before your shut eye.