The Killing

Season 1 Episode 5

Super 8

Aired Friday Apr 24, 2011 on Netflix

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  • A new suspect arises.

    After learning last week that Bennett may have a relationship with Rosie that extends beyond the usual teacher/student one, I was pleasently surprised to see that Bennett very well may be the murderer.. and if not the murderer, than he may at least know the murderer. This episode was all about Linden and Holder investigating Bennett and digging deeper and deeper into this weird case that continues to get stranger with time.

    There were big reveals on all fronts this week. Linden and Holder actually discover that Bennett is currently married to a former student of his and is having a kid with her.. appearently, he used to do the same things to her that he is doing to Rosie: giving her notes and getting to know her better, giving her the same old pep talks. This piques the detectives curiosity, and things get even more strange when Linden learns that some of the chemicals in Bennett's house are ones found under Rosie's fingernails.

    With the Richmond campaign, Darren learns that, with Jamie's help, the person that his campaign funder put in charge of stuff is the one leaking information. There was a short moment where we sort of think it might be Gwen who's leaking stuff, and it was a legitimate amount of drama, but it's not so.

    There also seems to be some implications that the Larsen father is going to find out that the police is investigating Bennett and that he may take matters into his hands by himself. This would be a great plot for the show to explore and would twist things around.

    Right now, I wouldn't go as far to say that this show is better than Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead or Mad Men.. but it's pretty good and could be much better with writing that focuses itself a bit more.