The Killing

Season 3 Episode 2

That You Fear the Most

Aired Friday Jun 02, 2013 on Netflix

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  • Great episode, and great beginning of season 3.

    I do not sound very original here. All the appraisals have been more than enthusiastic about the first two episodes of season 3, and rightly so. The atmosphere is terrific again, although not so heavy-laden with family trauma as season 1. Linden and Holder are great, but the new Holders partner is also playing excellently. The young actors are also very good. It's going to be an amazing season.

    I started watching it a little late,and have two more episodes to catch up. If anyone has missed the kick-off to the third season, you must start watching now - you won't regret it.
  • Superb beginning!

    I enjoyed S1 & 2 more than some and probably less than others. Stretching out the Rosie Larsen case over 2 seasons was a bit much and several episodes felt like unnecessary filler once it was decided to expand the case over two seasons. I was engaged with the characters, felt empathy and sympathy with the impact that Rosie's murder had, and was pretty satisfied and surprised with the resolution to the murder. It did have its shortcomings but overall I was pleased. When the show was cancelled, I was bummed. It is/was a great show with an offbeat but terrific pairing of Linden & Holder. It was missed from my regular viewing. So, when the new season was announced, I was stoked!

    Propelling us 1 year after the Rosie Larsen case made for strong footing to reboot (somewhat) the show. Linden working as a ferryman (or ferrywoman? :D), Holder looking better than ever and talking & being just as street as ever, and the atmosphere having the same grimy-ish feeling that S1 & 2 had, which I enjoyed.

    An old case from Linden's past primes the pump to bring Linden & Holder back together again. A string of near-decapitations, missing rings, and broken fingers make for an intriguing case. It all harkens back to that old case, and a killer now sitting on death row (played fiendishly well by Peter Sarsgaard). We are meant to question Sarsgaard's innocence when similar murders happen while he is incarcerated. Is he truly innocent? Is he part of a team who just happened to get caught? Is there something else going on?

    The first ep of season 3 was a bit slow, but foundation laying is often slow but necessary. By this ep, the case was beginning to get its legs with methodical writing and believable detective work as Holder & Linden start piecing together random clues and using their gut instincts to discover that there is a serial killer on the loose. And the final shot of Linden standing in the wooded place, depicted in the picture that has haunted her for years, was chilling. This is a killer not meant to be toyed with. Plus, we already have a handful of potential candidates for our suspect pool: Pastor Mike, Dale Shannon, limping rapist Goldie, Prison Guard Francis Becker... I think this will be a good season!

    As long as AMC & the writers PROMISE us that the case WILL be resolved by season's end, I will be one happy viewer and will definitely tune in for the next season. If they go and stretch this out again, I will do a killing of my own: this show from my viewing lineup...
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