The Killing

Season 1 Episode 2

The Cage

Aired Friday Apr 03, 2011 on Netflix

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    I was planning to come on here and write a very vicious and scathing review of this episode after watching it. I took a minute to reflect and I realized that maybe it was not as bad as I thought, but this show is still an abomination. The acting is really dull and lifeless across the board, and they are not even teasing the mystery aspect of it. Introduce clues, have the viewer play along, don't just make everyone a little bit shady so you keep guessing that way, which is essentially what they are going for here.

    I give as many shows at least one look, usually the pilot, as I can, but I am one and done with this show, like a talented basketball player coming out of college after his freshmen year.
  • Linden and Holder find some new information about Rosie's death.

    As I mentioned in the previous review, this show is a slow mover, so take the episode scores with a grain of salt.. also, it's been awhile since I've seen the episode, so reviewing it may mean a bunch of vague comments, as I'm a bit fuzzy on the specifics.. but as far as what I remember, this was an episode heavy on investigation and suffering, and had a great end to the episode.. in fact, I would say that this show is 24-esque in the way it finds cliffhanger endings that leave you craving the next episode.

    I would say that my favorite character at this point in time is Holder.. I feel as if right now, the show has a lot of heavy lifting to do to make these characters stand out more, because right now, the characters are a bit thin and dull. However, Holder is unique compared to other television or movie detectives.. he's the kind of guy who will smoke weed with teenage girls to get information out of them. It was a funny scene, the kind of dark stuff that AMC does best.

    The Richmond scenes aren't really doing anything for me at this point, and Linden isn't the most interesting lead actress (despite my love for Mirielle Enos on "Big Love.") But I'm sure the show will pick up steam soon, as this is a show that is meant to be dragged out for thirteen weeks instead of resolving everything at once.

    As I said before, the ending is fantastic, and leaves the show on a very dark note. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next.
  • Good episode

    I enjoyed this episode. I thought the scenes with the Mitch and Stan telling their children about Rosie, and when they have to identify the body was the high point of the show, and felt that all the actors did an amazing job with their roles. While others may argue that the show is not more fast paced, I am actually enjoying the slow pacing of the show, as it gives me time to understand the characters better. I also enjoy guessing as to who could be the murderer, based on the clues such as the expensive shoes that were found in Rosie's locker, or why Mitch did not call Rosie, or the chilling cliffhanger of the cage. I am also enjoying the lead characters, where amidst all the investigation, Linden has to choose between the crime scene and her personal life, and find Holden amusing as to what lengths he would go to get information, like smoking pot with high schoolers. Overall, I enjoyed this episode and can't wait to find out what happens next!
  • 102

    This is where The Killing really heats up. It's no wonder this was attached to the pilot episode for a special airing when this premiered. I still think Mireille Enos is still lacking a bit, I just don't think she has the ability to hold a show together like this one, it's good the supporting cast is decent.

    My favorite scene was definitely when Holder got the information from those two girls. I can definitely see some interesting dynamics coming from Holder based on his ways of getting the truth. The campaign story line also heats up, and I found myself very intrigued in these characters.

    I hope Jasper & Sterling make more appearances, they also brought some entertaining dynamics too the screen. The discovery of the cage was pivotal and definitely got me intrigued for the next episode. Good start overall.
  • Good, but the lead detectives are very dull.

    I agree that The Killing started off without a hitch last night. It was definitely high-quality drama - the characters are interesting, the story is intriguing. The discovery of the body and the entire procedural nature was handled well. I liked almost everything, pretty much everything except the two detectives. Now, I know they're trying to go for realism here, but the character of Sarah Linden is just so dry. The hardened cop is so overdone... but we'll just have to see where this character goes. Her son Jack at least provided some comic relief and some means of compassion from her. Holder is the new homicide transfer, and is equally odd. His young, thug-like demeanor (sort of like a cross between Ice-T from Law and Order and Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad) just clashes with Linden for me. The two are polar opposites, even if you just base it on appearances - one's old and one's young, male vs. female, inner city vs. small town, etc. This may have been deliberate and provides at least some form of contrast, but I just found Holder dull as well and the two of them don't fit so great together. But, it's still early, so I'll hold off further commentary on this dynamic duo. The rest of the production has been, as I said, top-notch.