The Killing

Season 3 Episode 1

The Jungle

Aired Friday Jun 02, 2013 on Netflix

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  • great show!!!

    so happy to see one of my favorite shows the first episode starts in a way where the last season favorite detectives plus a mysterious character played by peter sarsgaard,same atmosphere , little clues but not enough,so that you keep on powerful two-hours recommend it :-)
  • What a start!

    Perfect start for the 3rd season! New case, well actually it's an old case, and so many changes in lives of the characters. Linden just cannot catch a break, Holder has a new partner and wears a suit.

    He gots a case that looks a lot like the one Linden closed but it almost drove her mad. And while they are thinking if those murders are connected, the convict is waiting for his execution.

    I have a feeling Linden and Holder will have to move mountains in order to make police believe that those victims worth the trouble, Holder will lose his new girlfriend because the case will drain him and everyone around.

    And I'm not even sure the murders will be connected after all. Love, love new season!
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