The Killing

Season 3 Episode 12

The Road to Hamelin

Aired Friday Aug 04, 2013 on Netflix

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  • Awesome finale

    This was a nerve racking season ender. This has been a great season for this show. I really hope that they renew for another season.
  • Review of Episodes 11 and 12

    Season 3 has arrived at the last stop. The Killing managed to jump to one of my favorite shows with the third season while the two first seasons were kind of mediocre.

    The two hour finale wasn't as great as the three previous episodes but it was a solid ending to the Pied Piper story. During the first half we see Holder and Linden taking on a new case. A case they realize is linked to the Pied Piper murders even though the alleged killer is behind bars.

    In my opinion the first half was slightly light-hearted. It had serious moments but after the few previous episodes and all their drama and tragedy, this seemed like a comedy compared to them. The serious scenes didn't carry as much of a punch as the serious scenes in the previous episodes. It did break my heart to see Danette closing her eyes and counting to five at the bridge and continuing to wander the streets of Seattle without dircetion. Looking for Kallie's friends. Her scene with Lyric was touching and weird and believeable as she's most likely trying to make up for her not-so-good parenting skills with Kallie. I wanted to see more of Danette to be honest.

    The second half of the episode focused on the kidnapping of Adrian. This half seemed a lot more dramatic and hectic. Linden's discussion with Skinner, who had appearently decided that he was going to die (He could have easily killed Linden with a rock or strangulation while she was puking by the side of the road but I think that he knew that Holder would realize who the real killer is if Linden

    the Se7en-esque (Linden = Brad Pitt, Skinner = John Doe) "What's in the trunk" ending to the episode was satisfying for me. Almost. I was kind of disappointed that Linden killed Skinner after she found out that he didn't actually kill Adrian. I don't see Linden killing a killer. To me... More satisfying ending (more believeable) would have gone like this:

    Linden shoots Skinner after Skinner claims to have killed Adrian. Holder then hears the shot and runs to the rescue. Holder tells Adrian is alive and Linden lowers her weapon. Realizing that Skinner won't be able to persuade Linden to kill him... He turns to Holder. Describing in excruciating detail how he killed Bullet. Tells Holder how desperate she was, how Holder let her down in her hour of need. The episode would have ended with Holder shooting Skinner. This way Bullet's death would have had a larger impact in the whole story.
  • Perfect on the edge of your seat viewing

    The season was perfect. So dark, and sad in a lot of areas. Wasn't crazy about the ending of season 3, but I will take it. This is truly in the top 10 of my must see viewing. The Killing is a awesome adult themed series.
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