The Killing

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Friday May 22, 2011 on Netflix

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  • Stunning

    Two shows kept us entertained thru the summer in 2011; The Killing on AMC and Game of Thrones on HBO. These two shows were in direct competition with each other for viewership, airing on the same time on their respective network. Interestingly, their fates were going in inverse to each other. The Killing started off extremely strongly before finishing not as strongly. The opinions on its finale were extremely polar; viewers either hated it or loved it. I personally thought it was different, even though I was frustrated by the lack of closure. Game of Thrones didn't start as grippingly as The Killing but the final few episodes were top notch. The Killing is an adaptation of a Danish TV series of the same name. It is remarkably well made, with brilliant performances from a few cast members (at least). In pole position was the chief protagonist, Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos). She brought a strange sense of indifference to her character that we can expect from a detective. Rosie's mother, though extremely whiny at times, did deliver some solid and emotionally charged performances. The pinnacle episode in season 1 was the 9th episode, titled Undertow. I chose this episode mostly for the last scene, where Stan Larsen unleashes his fury on Bennet's face. It was a nicely directed scene, where we get a small clue in the background that it might actually be Belko. He is screaming in the background, telling us that he know for certain that Bennet didn't kill Rosie. Earlier in the episode we find out that the previously prime suspect (in the eyes of viewers as well) Bennet was in reality helping a young girl escape from cruel circumcision. This Muslim element had a polar effect of viewers as well; some users found it to be ridiculous to show Bennet to be such a saint. Here's a clip of the eye catching, but violent, last scene. For more reviews please see my blog 'T.V et al' at

  • Amazing, just amazing.

    You may stop watching anything else. This show will give you anything you get from other dramas and much more. And this episode was just amazing - such intense atmosphere, such a twist of fate for some characters. I do not remember ever watching anything like that. Wow! If you look for true feelings, sensations and experience just begin to watch The Killing. More: This episode was true horror without being a horror movie. Real life can be that. You do not need vampires, devils, or werewolves to create an atmosphere of horror. Other script writers watch and learn. What can I say more to encourage you to start watching The Killing? I will need no words if you watch this episode. If you do, you will never stop.
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