The Killing

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Friday May 08, 2011 on Netflix

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  • Great drama, great acting. Definitely a show for those who loved Rubicon.

    This is a great show, and this episode was as good as the show. First of all it is a classical drama. You get to know the characters and their deepest feelings. It would not be possible but for the excellent acting by all the cast. Then there is a mystery. We can take part in solving it step by step together with the detectives. We can enjoy every moment of this, because we are not distracted by side plots of crimes solved every episode. Thanks God for that. Then there is intense suspension, too. Will he kill him, or will he not? Is she going to kill him or is she not? See the episode to understand what I mean. And the final scene of the episode is just a great cliffhanger.
    In many respects the show is similar to Rubicon, except for the part that The Killing is so deeply immersed into personal feelings of the main characters. The show is just what I call "Great cinema on television". Hope you will have the same opinion after you see this episode.
  • Episode 7 review.

    This show is progressing nicely but we are still no futher in learning who killed Rosie. Now at the end of the episode we see the FBI are There are still quite a few suspects and I highly doubt this Mohammed guy is going to turn out to be the killer. So the teacher seems not to have been involved but the story is getting interesting. Linden is still toying about whether to leave Seatle and go and marry this guy. So far I am finding the show rather promising. Its similar to Kidnapped in a number of ways I find. Well 6 more days to go.