The Killing

Season 2 Episode 13

What I Know

Aired Friday Jun 17, 2012 on Netflix

Episode Recap

A flashback to last morning Rosie was alive shows Denny and Tom play with Rosie, joyful and happy. Rosie isn't going on the family camping trip happening that night. Mitch leaves her the number they can be reached at and tells Rosie to go straight to Sterling's house after the dance. Tension can be seen between Mitch and Rosie. Rosie smiles and then gets ready for school. She passes through the garage and sees Stan on the phone. She walks out the door.

DAY 25 (continued): The crowds rally at City Hall over the election results, which are still being tabulated. Linden and Holder have arrived and find Gwen. Jamie is missing and the officers are wondering where he could be. Gwen says that Jamie and Richmond were supposed to be here half an hour ago. Holder puts the call in for Jamie's arrest.

Back at Jamie's house, Ted starts rambling about the fact that Richmond has been lying about Ted's condition. Jamie is flabbergasted and Richmond starts wheeling himself out. Ted says that Jamie lied about his whereabouts the night Rosie was killed. Jamie offers to take Richmond back to City Hall with his car.

Back at City Hall, Gwen receives news that Richmond left the house. Holder and Linden immediately suspect that Jamie and Richmond are at Jamie's house. But Jamie has already taken Richmond back to City Hall, up to the office. He announces that they've won the election because Adams is conceding. Richmond starts asking questions. Jamie says Ted is a drunk but also admits to arranging the smuggling of the Indian bones to the waterfront site. Hurting Adams campaign would have gotten them the election and the financial benefits of it, but Richmond never wanted to break character. Richmond presses about Rosie. Finally, Jamie screams, "It was an accident".

Flashbacks to the tenth floor of the Wapi casino show Jamie, Chief Jackson, and Michael Ames meeting that occurred after the Indian remains were planted at the waterfront site. Jamie leaves last and hears a cell phone go off. You can hear Rosie trying to slip outside, trying to escape. But Jamie spots her and starts questioning. Rosie trembles but says she didn't see anything. Rosie drops her vintage camera however, which sets Jamie off. Jamie tries to grab Rosie, they struggle, and Jamie hits Rosie hard enough to knock her out. Back in the present, Jamie argues that Rosie was going to ruin everything. But Richmond asserts that Rosie was alive when she went into the lake. This was nothing but cold-blooded murder. Jamie takes out Richmond's gun and places it on the desk.

Linden and Holder head back to City Hall upon hearing the latest news of the car's return. Upstairs, Jamie starts recounting that he thought Rosie was dead. Rosie jumped out of the car and ran. Another flashback shows that Jamie chased after her. Rosie's screams piercing the night. Upon catching up to Rosie, Jamie is seen hitting her with a flashlight. Back in the present, Jamie argues that he was only thinking of winning the election. He did all of this for Richmond. Richmond says he's leaving but Jamie doesn't let him. Richmond yells that Jamie put him in this wheelchair but Jamie says weakness put him there.

Linden, Holder, and Gwen burst into the office. Linden tries to get Jamie to drop the gun but he swings it over, pointing it at Linden. Holder responds by shooting Jamie dead. Linden ducks out of the way.

DAY 26: Mere hours later, morning has come and the crime scene unit bags Jamie's body. Another officer reports that Richmond's gun was empty.

Stan wakes and finds Mitch packing up the things in Rosie's room. Stan immediately starts to help, putting items into boxes.

Back at the police station, Holder has found Linden the missing film from Rosie's camera in Jamie's house. He sends it to the lab to be developed. Chief Jackson and Ames are being held in interrogation rooms. Chief Jackson will be charged with obstruction of justice. Lt. Carlson appears and while commending the two officers, says there is no solid evidence linking Michael Ames to the murder and that Jackson will never turn on Ames. Linden isn't happy with that though and neither is Holder.

Stan and Mitch take the boys to see the new house. Stan asks Mitch if she really wants to do it. Mitch confirms that the move is okay with her.

Richmond prepares a press release regarding Jamie, even with the office still a crime scene. Gwen appears and confirms that Richmond has won the election and that he doesn't have to spin anything else anymore. Gwen hugs Richmond. Richmond heads to the council chambers where he sees the ousted Mayor Adams. Richmond vows that things will change in this City Hall. Adams laments it took him three attempts to become mayor and it took Richmond only one. Then he says something nice, "You have the makings of a great leader".

In the garage, Stan notices the locker with Belko's name on it. Mitch finishes up in Rosie's room. Terry comes to help pack. Mitch recounts that Rosie was looking at her before she left. She was trying to say goodbye but Mitch didn't realize, didn't understand. Mitch regrets this but Terry says she always had attention for Rosie. Meanwhile, Richmond heads to visit his wife's grave. Gwen calls with requests of news reports. Richmond says it's time to move on from his wife.

Linden and Holder visit the lake in Discovery Park, the spot where Rosie's body was found. Linden realizes that Jamie never told them how he got the car into the water. She wishes they had, but Holder says they got Jamie. They got the right guy. They decide to tell the Larsen's. When they get to the garage, they only find Terry. But they do see Terry's car, which happens to have a broken taillight covered with tape. Linden face grows weary. She realizes that Terry is involved somehow. Linden heads inside to confront Terry. Terry says she was at the lake. She picked up Michael Ames and was heading to the airport for Las Vegas. But then, Michael Ames got the call about the girl in the woods from Jamie, terrified about what to do. Michael Ames was going to leave his wife for Terry but they couldn't make the flight. Terry drove her car with Ames in it and went to the woods where Rosie was. Just then, Stan and Mitch return and Linden and Holder try to keep them out of Rosie's bedroom. Terry starts getting flustered and says don't be mad at her. Stan realizes that they've been interrogating Terry.

In a flashback, Jamie and Ames are arguing. Michael Ames defiantly states that he doesn't want any part of a murder. Jamie argues that this is the way it has to be and the girl is a nobody. Jamie says to call Janek because he doesn't have the heart to kill anyone. Ames argues that the girl should be kept alive. Terry is in her car. She gets out of her car and gets into the campaign car. She puts the car into drive and the campaign car slips into the lake. Rosie's last screams are heard. Back in the present, Terry says she didn't know it was Rosie, no one said her name. Holder restrains Stan from attacking Terry while she cries out in agony and is arrested by Linden. Mitch stands in horror at her sister. Her face is undeniably stricken with horror.

At the police station, Holder finds Linden in the office with the lights off and returns her badge. Terry didn't want a lawyer. The lab tech returns Rosie's final video and Linden heads to watch it in another room.

Gwen arrives at the office to find Richmond preparing for a meeting. She doesn't know of any meeting taking place, but moments later people arrive. Chief Jackson shakes Richmond's hand and says thanks him for having the charges against her dropped. Gwen is shocked.

Back at their home, Stan and Mitch wake to find the boys watching Rosie's last videotape. Someone left it on their doorstep. On it, Rosie has written on large panels, saying she wants to see the country. She doesn't know where she is going but she'll let them know when she gets there. She says she loves all of them. She smiles again for the camera before it ends.

Holder and Linden are sitting in the car outside the Larsen home, when he gets a call about a new case. A body has been found and they've been assigned the case. Linden gets out of the car. Holder says they got the "bad guy". Linden says, "Yeah? Who's that?". Holder says to keep in touch and drives off alone. Linden sees Stan's van at the garage and quietly walks up the street.