The Killing

Season 2 Episode 13

What I Know

Aired Friday Jun 17, 2012 on Netflix

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  • Wow... Wow.


    I was surprised that it ended up being Terry even though she didn't know that it was rosie in the trunk, man that money can sure make you do something strange hehe.

    But I wasn't satisfied with Jamie being the killer so im glad they added that extra twist in there.

    But man wrong place wrong time is all I gotta say to, that sucks for everyone.

    Can't wait for season 3!! ^_^
  • "The Killing"

    Please bring it back!! Love that show and looked forward to it every week. The main characters are so good. They depitct true feelings, and I can relate to every one of their situations. I know you guys are on to a real hit! There are so many avenues you can take this; just keep writing additional scripts and expand on the characters already in place. Gosh, this is a true hit for sure!!!!!
  • Closure in some respects, oddities in some others.

    SPOILERS AHEAD: So I've just finished my marathon through the last 4 episodes. What a ride this season has certainly been. Let me start by saying this was a good episode. You started out knowing Jamie was the killer. Fully convinced. I mean how much more evidence do you need? Right? Right?.... Right? But alas, Linden is still paranoid like a fox? She wonders how Rosie ended up in the lake. Jamie's flashback only told us half of what really happened that night. And from there, about 3/5ths through this episode is where your heart goes NOOOOOOOO!

    The notes (oddities and goodies):

    - Characters seemed out of character: So wait, now Mayor Adams is nice? WTF man! And Lt. Carlson this schmuck still breathes? And he just nonchalantly says there will be an Internal Affairs investigation yeah, meanwhile we were expecting his head on the chopping block. Certainly downplayed the police corruption in this wrap-up of an episode.

    - As minute a character that is Ted was, quite the importance is given to Jamie's house and this character in this episode? What for? He says a couple of lines but we already know Jamie is pretty much guilty. Bringing Jamie and Richmond home for 5 minutes made no sense at all. And having Linden and Holder leave for Jamie's house only to learn he's already back at City Hall made absolutely no sense.

    - Stan and Mitch's closure comes wayyyyy too quickly in this episode. If Mitch had returned a few episodes ago (hell even just one more), this abrupt closure ending could have developed a bit more. The family seems to pack their whole house in about a day what's the rush? Hey, if you guys are going to use the damn DAY XX stuff, you gotta plan these things.

    - Not much about Stan's ties to the mob, although granted Janek is dead. Stan is so chipper in this episode but I liked it.

    - Richmond: his final scene with Gwen just didn't fit so he's just going to break the rules now? Yeah, okay. Sure... I guess power never goes hand-in-hand with morals.

    - It really could have ended with Jamie, but the last twist was just too much for me. I mean, pinning this on Terry, after having her be such a big part of season 2 without giving her much storyline, pretty odd, don't you think? Surprising yes, fine. But really: believing that Terry could go so long without breaking down to someone, anyone about what she did not so believable. I mean she killed someone in her family. She killed someone she loved.

    - Mitch was in like 20 minutes of this entire season but her MASK OF HORROR in reaction to Terry near the end of this episode was simply jaw dropping. She broke me at that instant with a single facial gesture. Damn she's a good actress.

    - And back to Terry, like Louis Peitzman writes, for such a lengthy case, to have it all wrapped up with a "wrong place, wrong time" sort of sentiment with Terry is kind of confusing and a little frustrating. I might have been only slightly disappointed if Jamie was the only one involved (too neat) but the twist with Terry is both good and bad: slightly sufficient but a little frustrating.

    Has this season been good? Yes, much better than the last season. Linden and Holder were far more refined and made a great team the entire season. Holder brought us laughter. Linden brought us to tears with her personal investment in the case. Her personal life crumbled, but her relationship with Holder saved the season. Both Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman were perfect. They brought their A-game every episode. Better use of screen time, better writing, better arcs; this season did grab my attention and kept it, save for 1 or 2 episodes. I think Veena Sud has listened to the critics, with a new case and a new season, The Killing might survive another round if given the chance.
  • Confused!!!

    Did Terri drive the car into the lake also what does Holder say to Linden after the phone call in the car? apart from that a great episode.