The Killing

Season 1 Episode 6

What You Have Left

Aired Friday May 01, 2011 on Netflix

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  • The investigation into Bennett gets even more intense, while Stan learns a key piece of evidence in Rosie's death.

    Well this must be a new record: the show has focused on one person for more than one episode. I'm really not sure that Bennett Ahmed is responsible for Rosie's death, but even if he's not, the circumstances surrounding her death and his involvement in it is pretty high, and even if evidence were to prove he were innocent, the fact that Rosie's dad is under the impression that he's responsible may have a great payoff.

    This episode moved at the usual slow pace the show is now known for, but it also had more development than it has in awhile. First off, Campbell comes to realize that Bennett, the man being investigated, is being investigated and in his new commercial, he's found standing with his arm around him. Talk about bad luck. Meanwhile, Holder learns through the grapevine that Stan Larson was tied in with the mob and acted as a bodyguard that may have killed people. It's a pretty big piece of information to just forget about, so I'm assuming that the mob will end up tying into the episode. However, the show is pushing pretty hard for Bennett, and the shot with his fiancee sitting on the ground with a hammer while Linden and Holder knock on the door was menacing.

    The one thing I'm not a huge fan of on this show is the extremely slow nature in which the writers are revealing the main characters to us. Linden clearly has a darker past than we've been shown.. her obsession with trying to find out who killed Rosie hints at a past similar to this, and when she tells Jack "I almost lost you," I feel like screaming at the screen, "HOW?! Just tell me already!" Holder is also meeting up with a man who seems to be a friend or a sponser or something.. I have no idea. I just know he has information for Holder that he can't get anywhere else. I want to know more about these characters, but the problem with this show so far is that it's all about the process of finding Rosie and not about focusing on the characters looking for her.. instead, we focus more on Rosie and her family which is fine.. but I want to know about Linden and Holder and Campbell more as well.

    But I do have to admit that the show is picking up the pace.. little by little, but at least we're getting some development