The King of Queens

Season 8 Episode 23

Acting Out

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • acting out

    This was originally supposed to be the series finale, and a fitting one it would not have been. While funny, it did not feel like a momentous occasion. I am all for the mindset that a finale should be just a regular episode, but it has to be a classic, not this.

    This was probably the very best Spence and Danny storyline of the season though. "We've been talking all night!" Great back and forth between the two, who should be getting more work than they are.

    And the ending with Doug bringing Arthur back was a nice, emotional moment for the comedy-heavy show.
  • Season average - which is not a compliment

    The whole episode felt like "stale bread". No verve, no bombshell, no inspiration. It is quite sad to see one of my favorites going (down) that way. Sure, the 9th season has been announced but I am iffy.

    Being banned from the kitchen Arthur starts a little something in the basement. This incident induces Doug and Carry to bow out Arthur. But a coffer contains a well kept secret...

    The subplot with Danny and Spence is awfully boring. Their anniversary brings up a "napkin agreement".

    Frankly, I could not help laughing just once throughout the 20 minutes. The reason were Arthurs parting words for Doug.

  • It\'s basically about Arthur moving out of Carrie\'s and Doug\'s home into a retirement castle after setting a fire in the basement - but in the end he returns and this episode is, although the story had much potential, a swing and a miss.

    When reading the summary of this episode, I really liked the idea of a story about Arthur moving out, because this has been lingering from the start of the series. Almost everyone must have been expecting Carrie and Doug being fed up one day with Arthur. Unfortunately, this episode is kind of dull and it\'s 20 minutes with hardly any laughters, although the idea is great. The writers seem to hurry through the story, without making anything of the great potential that this storyline offered. The sub-plot with Spence and Danny is just silly and doesn\'t lead anywhere. Disappointing.
  • Poor Aruthur goes and starts a fire

    After Arthur goes and starts a fire(Mind you not on purpose of course)Carrie thinks it is time for him to see if he can get into a retirement home.
    But Doug wants her to reconsider otherwise and makes a discovery about Arthur.
    If you ask me, I think that it is time for Carrie and Doug to try to have a child before the show ends!