The King of Queens

Season 9 Episode 2

Affair Trade

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2006 on CBS

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  • Season 9, Episode 2.

    Wow. I loved this episode. It was great to see that The King Of Queens didn't start to lose its touch in its ninth season. A woman, Jessica, calls looking for a Doug Heffernan, who she spent a night with on the beach, doing something very inappropriate. Carrie didn't believe it, and she even laughed about it with Kelly. It was so hilarious! I nearly died when I saw the Doug Heffernan that Jessica was talking about. This episode was hilarious. Then, a guy called Doug's house, leaving a message similar to Jessica's. Carrie then started to believe that Doug cheated. Doug got mad because she believed it when a guy called. LMAO!
  • Another brilliant funny episode.

    Doug starts to get mysterious phone calls from a sexy female who mistakes him for another Doug Heffernan, at first Carrie doesn’t bother and thinking it’s all a joke ignore's them but as the calls start to come more often she wants to know what’s going on, eventually she finds the real Doug Heffernan and tracks him down with a funny outcome.

    Spence and Danny fight over the same girl with funny consequences until it blows up in both there face's.

    This episode also has Kevin James and Leah Remini’s other half’s who have starred in episodes of King of Queens before.
  • A awesome funny episode

    This episode is about when Doug gets emails from another woman. Doug panics when he starts getting sexy phone messages meant for another Doug Heffernan, but Carrie doesn't seem to care. Meanwhile, Danny tries to force a wedge between Spence and a new lady friend. So, then the womans husband calls and says he's on his way down to kick Doug's butt. Afer that Doug goes to see the woman and she says "Who are you", and Doug says "I'm Doug Heffernan." At the end a guy calls the house and Carrie then starts to care.
  • Haha, this was one of the funniest episodes ever!

    Even though the plot was kinda wierd the episode still was really funny. Doug gets a "sexy" phone message, that was meant for another Doug Heffernan, from a girl named Jessica. Then when she calls Doug he tries to tell her that he isn't the Doug Heffernan that she was with but can't because Carrie is right there standing next to him, she thinks that Doug talked with his mother. So he says that he loves her and Jessica now really thinks that it is the "real" Doug Heffernan. Doug then tries to "break up" with her and she gets upset and promise to never call again. But she leaves another message again and Carrie hears the message and asks Doug what's going on and he tells her the truth and she believes him, then he gets upset because she believes and thinks that it couldn't be possible that Doug could have an affair with another woman. Then he gets more problems when Jessicas boyfriend calls and says that he's gonna kill Doug when he sees him. So Doug finds Jessica to take her to the "Real" Doug Heffernan meanwhile Carrie takes the boyfriend to the real Doug also so he can beat him up instead of Carrie's Doug and she comes with Jessicas boyfriend because she want to see how Dr. Doug Heffernan looks like.... Well, that was pretty much it. There was a B-plot with Danny and Spence too but it wasn't that special.
  • A great premise for an episode, and quite worth watching! Every married man has done something stupid like this to stay out of trouble when they've done nothing wrong!

    The premise of this episode is absolutely genius! Doug thinks that he will get in trouble for something he did not do because of a phone message. While trying to get out of it, instead of telling his wife, he hides it from her, making him look even more guilty. This was a well written idea and it is absolutely perfect for the characters on the King of Queens, Doug and Carrie. Their inflections and attitudes helped to make this episode infinitely more funny than it would have been on most other shows. I absolutely loved this episode! It was spot on!