The King of Queens

Season 4 Episode 21

Bun Dummy

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2002 on CBS

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  • That was interesting...

    I am surprised that Carrie changing her hairstyle filled a whole episode, no stalling either, the writers really made this plot work. The writers incorporated Doug's high school reunion, Holly, Doug's friends. I like how Carrie was compared to a librarian and how Deacon's opinion mattered to Carrie but not Doug's. Which caused another plot to emerge after you think the whole problem is solved. Spence & the teacher, Ms. Limpy or something was a bit dry but certainly took up time to make the episode work. I suppose the writers had nowhere to lean to and chose this plot, too bad Holly couldn't be in more of the episode.
  • Season 4, Episode 21.

    As his high school reunion approaches, Doug worries that Carrie's new hairdo will make her look like a librarian, rather than his usually sexy wife. Hoping to show Carrie off in front of his former classmates, Doug tries to find a way to tell her that he hates her bun without hurting her feelings. Meanwhile, Spence informs the guys that he's nervous about seeing one of his old teachers because he never called her back after the two shared an intimate encounter. I love Doug.

    Doug: If Mrs. Twain doesn't take her top off soon, we're going back to COPS. Spence had a fling with the hottest teacher in high school. Haha, great episode.
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