The King of Queens

Season 9 Episode 12

China Syndrome (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 14, 2007 on CBS



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    • Doug: Why the hell didn't you take the minivan?
      Deacon: Kelly's got it. She doesn't like driving this car. It's too small.
      Doug: Oh, great, so she gives it to her eight-foot-tall husband. I can't believe you aren't the one gettin' divorced.
      Deacon: Stop talking about divorce, will you? You guys are going to be fine. You always work these things out. She screams, you cry—two pizzas later you're back to normal.

    • Carrie: She thought you were gay.
      Arthur: That's preposterous. That's not what she wants at all.
      Carrie: Dad, look, this is a picture of Gerald, her first husband. What do you see when you look at that?
      Arthur: I see a normal, heterosexual man leaping into the air with a parasol—how did I not notice that before?

    • Danny: This is, uh, Sandy, my new girlfriend... and roommate.
      Spence: "Roommate"! That's great.
      Sandy: Yeah, I moved in last week. Oh, I had to pack up some of your stuff to make some room in the closet. Mostly magazines.

    • Spence: Mom, what are you doing?
      Veronica: What does it look like I'm doing? Now you just stay there because you have to give me away.
      Spence: I'm not giving you away. This is crazy!
      Carrie: Yes, this is crazy.
      Arthur: Stop taking your brother's side!

    • Arthur: Don't give me your back-talk. There are plenty of harpists out there who will play "Dueling Banjos"!

    • Doug: You've never taken a leap of faith for me in your whole life.
      Carrie: I married you. What do you call that?
      Doug: Uh, 'hitting the jackpot.'

    • Arthur: Ava, darling, that dress is delicious. You're a vision in chiffon. I can't wait to rip it off tonight and finally have my way with you.

    • (Deacon has wrestled a pantsless Doug to the floor)
      Deacon: I think I touched something by accident.
      Doug: "By accident," or something you've been planning for years?

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  • Allusions

    • The episode title is borrowed from a movie of the same name.

    • Doug watches TV of people bidding on household items, and he screams about the "Showcase Showdown," referring to activities on The Price is Right.