The King of Queens

Season 9 Episode 13

China Syndrome (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • A great Show, A great Episode, A sad Ending

    very sad . . . . the series was so good . . . . so funny . . . . geez, maybe the ending wasnt what really sucked, but the fact that the series actually came to an end now . . . . Great ending though . . Geez . . . . Carrie and Doug raising a chinese baybe and their own . . . Still, they ended it showing some memorable moments, but wow . . . still cant believe the series is finallly over . . . after so many years . lol. still cant believe it.
  • Series finale, part two.

    King of Queens has come to an end, what a shame that is. At least it got 9 seasons of greatness, the finale was a pretty good payoff. Surprising to say the least.

    The outcome of it all was a bit far-fetched but we got some genuinely heart-warming moments between Doug & Carrie. Them rushing to the airport was hilarious, the makeup was a bit predictable but it served it's purpose for what it was.

    Arthur marrying Spencer's mom was also contrived but it was all pretty funny especially the confusion with the rabbi and the switch of the bride definitely brought us some good dynamics. The return of Holly was pretty sad, and all in all, she got a pretty depressing ending but she got some good lines tonight too.

    Flashbacks couldn't have been better. Usually for most sitcoms, the flashbacks are usually spread out throughout the episode, glad to see we just got all those at the end there. The final scene was hilarious. Satisfying finale of KOQ.
  • Season 9, Episode 13.

    At Arthur's wedding reception, Doug and Carrie's marital tension continues, and they ponder whether they have a future together. It was so great! It was the perfect ending! Carrie is so hot! I loved when Holly came back for the wedding, and when Arthur married Veronica. I loved the little race to the Chinese adoption agency, then Carrie discovering she is pregnant. I believe that's what they wanted to do for the Sex and the City movie. Haha, Doug. "We're gonna have a baby!" "What are we gonna do with this one?!" Haha, I loved the closing scene. Classic KoQ moment. =] R.I.P. KoQ! ~9/21/1998 - 5/14/2007~
  • 10
    I was so sad to see The King of Queens go, this was the greastest show of all time. Seeing this show go was very depressing, but the ending to the whole series was good. I loved how it all came together and that it all ended up being semi-happy. I thought it was so cool that they finally had a kid, and that when they adopted one that was cool too. The montage of all the clips from other episodes at the end was very good but very sad...this was the greatest ending to a series ever and i am sorry to see it go!
  • its the series final already :(

    oh man this is the series final this was a real great show i thought in this episode that doug and kerry would get divorced atleast they dident this was a great final and exciting though its real sad because its the final i couldent belive that kerry would have a baby AND would have adopted a baby from china nad plus autohor married spence's mom and then got DIVORCED with her which is weird and funny so i think all the fans of this show should watch the season final of this show too so i give this episode a 8.9/10 though i real hope this show comes back it was awsome :(
  • i though this eposide could be better by explaining doug and carrie s life after adopting.

    i though this eposide could be better by explaining doug and carrie s life after adopting.
    and also explain why atrhur came back and more about the other characters for example spencer and holly but also i feel that single spaced was such a brilliant epsoide that it made the china snydrome 1 and 2 not look so good compared to single spaced but its king of queens which means its always funnier than any other sitcom .they need to add more humor and flashback from other eposide of doug and carries life. the best part to put humor was when doug and carrie were racing to china they should have made a airport scence or one in china it jumped too fast so that a could be slower. it could have been better if there was a joke about spencer falling in love with carrie
  • i am sad to see it go

    iam sad to see the end of this show, me and my mom loved it so much. we really enjoyed this episode because it was funny and was kinda reality based. i am So glad Spence and Danny worked things out And Doug and Carrie too. I Can't believe Carrie finally got pregnant! Excellent Ending!
  • This really was a great episode!

    It was great because it really did seem like just another King of Queen's episode with the funny parts and the drama. The writers really did do a great job with this series. I think that everyone is really sad to see it go because the Doug and Carrie have kids plot could have been very funny! Still, with the actual mariatal tensions that occured we did get to see a different side of the actors. But Carrie actually getting pregnant after adopting was truly a King of Queens moment. But I have got to admit, I will miss Arthur! Great series finale!!
  • Good Ending to a Great Show

    I really liked King of Queens. Leah Remni is a great actress and fit the role of Carrie very well. The cemestry that all of the actors on that show have was unbeiliveable. I am really going to miss this program. I hope that maybe they will bring it back for another season. I am glad that they ended the year with Carrie and Doug adopting a baby and then finding out that She herself was pregnant. I think though it would have been funny to see how doug delt with it. Seeing as Carrie was hard to deal with, not being pregnant.
  • What an ending to the show!

    I would have to say that it ended the way I wanted it to end, but the show could have gone further with the fact that they have kids and seeing them grow would have been interesting and fun.

    It was interesting to see the marital tension between Doug and Carrie in this last episode. Doug and carrie never really had this marital tension in the past. It was usually disagreements or joking around. They both were hurt and the one thing that brought them together was adopting the China baby. Even though the marital tension was strong between Doug and Carrie, they both took the erge to get on the plane to China. When Doug heard Carrie tell him that it has always been a dream to have an apartment in Manhattan, He realized why Carrie had kept the apartment. The best part of the whole episode was to hear the exciting news that Carrie was going to have a baby.

    I really did not like the one year later bit. They could have made it as a what is going to happen next scenario. It would have been nice to have another season with Doug, Carrie, and the kids. I am happy for Doug and Carrie and I know that they are happy least in our hearts.
  • Excellent Ending!

    So sad to see the end of this show, i loved it so much. I really enjoyed this episode because it was funny and was kinda reality based. So glad Spence and Danny worked things out lol And Doug and Carrie too. I Can't believe Carrie finally got pregnant! :D Excellent Ending!
  • Nice to see KOQ’s end on a positive note.

    Nice to see KOQ’s end on a positive note and that Carrie and Doug got something they had been longing for - a baby.

    Really sad though that this great series has to end and hope that we get to see the cast go on to other series/shows and or movies, I would love to see a spin off show with Arthur, Spence and Danny in it.

    Loved the season finale and glad it ended on a positive note which as it should have been, it was great to see everyone who was supposed to be in the final there, Lou, Holly, Spence, Danny, Doug, Kelly & Deacon.
  • Life goes on...

    I love endings like that. I'm bothered by shows that literally wrap up when they end, i.e. Friends, which incidently was my favorite show.

    It was extremely touching and funny at the same time, like when Carrie wonders what Chinese babies say. This ending was warm, smart, funny and completely fitting to this series which will undoubtly become a classic.

    I'm glad they didn't take the cheap route, like making Spence come out of the closet or anything like that. The show is about Doug and Carrie and the end was about Doug and Carrie. I'm also glad that after people spent the last nine years wondering how Doug landed Carrie, we end up wondering how Carrie landed Doug...

    Thanks Doug, you really are the king of Queens