The King of Queens

Season 8 Episode 3

Consummate Professional

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2005 on CBS

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  • Carrie tries to mold a lazy fat Doug into the future man that she is going to marry....funny.

    After hearing rumours that Carrie is easy Doug tries to get into her pants by saying he has a job when she gives him the whole looking for a man with ambition speech.

    He succeeds in getting her into the sack, but the next day he has to find a job which is where the humour beings.

    I like the way that Deacon and Doug met. It was very funny to see Deacon squim when Carrie was describing what she was going to do to Doug's nipples if he did not work there.

    Overall, a great episode.

  • Odd ending, but it was a good episode.

    Is episode was about how Doug lied to Carrie about when he started working at IPS. It all starts when Doug walks in and tell Carrie that it was his 10th anniversary with IPS, and Carrie starts to question him leading the episode into a flashback. In the flashback Carrie says that she won't sleep with Doug until he has a steady job, so he tells her that he got a new job at IPS. Then, Doug pretends to work for the company for about a month, and Carrie comes to visit him. Doug does so HILARIOUS stuff on a forklift and gets fired. But since Doug never worked there he was hired. This was a good flashback episode. Basically a run of the mills episode for King of Queens, which means that it was funny, but not the best.
  • Great look back, but ending missed the boat.

    Carrie notes it's time for Doug's 10 year anniversary at work and since his extended benefits have not yet kicked in, she wants to call his work and find out why.

    This leads to Doug confessing that he really didn't start work at IPS when Carrie thinks that he did.

    Doug shows how immature he was (is?) in that he lied to Carrie about having a job just so that Carrie would sleep with him. She doesn't quite trust him so she follows him to work and Doug just sort of pops into IPS and pretends to work there. Eventually Carrie shows up at work and Doug tries to show off and damages things. The boss fires Doug, only to learn that Doug was never an employee. Doug has a solution - hire him and he'll do a good job. So Doug gets his job finally and his own truck.

    This episode is very funny but the writers missed the boat by not concluding with Carrie's reaction to the tale. Instead they close with a useless scene about Spence getting spoiled about a "Melrose Place" plotline.
  • Wow!

    This is one thing that I love about TV shows. Dick Van Dyke show did it marvellously - the flashback episode that's not a flashback of previous shows (aka clip show).

    I thought that this one was hilarious. The whole idea that Doug lied about having a job just to get into Carrie's pants was original.

    Then the fact that she followed him to IPS to see if he really WAS working!

    I love the whole premise behind this episode. Doug's first meeting with Deacon was wonderful too. The forklift scene, although predictable, was still a hilarious bit of physical comedy.

    Then, to top it off, the fact the Doug gets fired for ruining all of the packages, then applies for the job because, "There was a spot open now.", was a topper!