The King of Queens

Season 5 Episode 23

Dog Shelter

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 05, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Doug and Carrie are off on their annual visit to Doug's parents, leaving Arthur at home. As they walk in the door the first thing Doug goes to greet is his pet dog Rocky. During the showing of some old home videos of Doug and Rocky, Carrie finds it strange that Doug had Rocky when he was 11 years old, making the dog 27 years old.

Spence goes to see Arthur and explains to him how his mother is coming to meet his girlfriend Denise. Spence asks Arthur if they can have dinner at the Heffernan's house, "on neutral ground." After some negotiating on a deal, Arthur agrees to be the buffer zone if things get out of hand.

Carrie questions Janet about the dog and uncovers a web of lies to protect Doug from the truth. Carrie, feeling she has to do right by Doug, breaks the news about Rocky to him. When Doug goes to question his parents about Rocky he discovers that the current dog is 'Rocky IV' and 'Rocky III' was, in fact, a girl.

Meanwhile, Spence introducing Denise to his mother gets off to a shaky start, but soon, thanks to Arthur, all begins to smooth itself out. Until pleasant conversation becomes bickering when Spence's mother discovers Denise has seen Spence naked. Denise leaves telling Spence's mum, Spence and Arthur that she doesn't want to ever see them again.

Meanwhile, Janet tells Carrie it was her fault the second Rocky died, causing uproar within the household. After some reasoning and decision making, they all, including Doug, decide to continue to shield Doug from the truth. They celebrate Rocky's 28th birthday.