The King of Queens

Season 1 Episode 8

Educating Doug

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1998 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Doug first comes downstairs with his lap board and reading materials (highlighter and portable light), he actually has the book on the lap board under his arm.  After he starts showing Carrie his materials, the camera cuts to Carrie and then back to Doug. When the camera cuts back to Doug, the book is now missing from the lap board and only the highlighter and light are there.  After Carrie prompts him with what else Doug might need, he jumps up and runs upstairs to get the book.  The book he brings downstairs is the exact book that was on the lap board originally.

  • Quotes

    • Carrie: Doug, it's just a book... you can read can't you?

    • Carrie: Doug, I know you beat up Spence for his homework!
      Doug: He told you! He is so dead!
      Carrie: No, he did not tell me, his mother called!

    • Doug: I'm so screwed!
      Richie: Book business again?
      Doug: The [book] club is tomorrow... and I'm on page 2! I can't even say I've got a firm grasp on page 1!

    • Carrie: (thinking) Aww, look at him reading, he's really trying. What is growing out of his ear?

    • Arthur: Pull over, I need to use the john.
      Carrie: Why didn't you go when we dropped Spence off?
      Arthur: I didn't need to go then. Excuse me for not having a prostate!

    • Doug: Would you keep your eyes on the road please!
      Carrie: Would you relax?
      Doug: Okay, fine. It's just I think that kid over there needs to change his pants!

    • Carrie: Doug, we're turning into idiots! All we do is watch TV all the time! You know there are actually couples that sit in bed and read?!
      Doug: Who do you know that sits in bed and reads?
      Carrie: Mike and Carol Brady! You see? That is all I can come up with because I'm an idiot!

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