The King of Queens

Season 8 Episode 22

Fight Schlub

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 15, 2006 on CBS

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  • Doug makes friends with a driver from another company, only to find out he was being set up as a mope. Tempers flare at the finale, at the boys hangout, between the IPS drivers and the drivers from Priority. Meanwhile Carrie mentors......

    This was a disappointing episode. I think the writers made our boys look like complete losers. Not only does Doug get sucked in, but the boys are wimps about getting their favorite seats at the tavern back from the Priority Plus drivers. It was embarrassing to see.
    Carrie acts like an idiot too. I know why they had her do it, acting like a tough chick and mentoring her charge to be equally nasty. They smoke, drink, curse and act like toughies. The whole reason was for the simple gag of her "getting in trouble" with her father.
    Over all this isn't one of the better episodes. It ain't pretty, and I think the storyline takes away from characters. Doug and the boys would have come up with a crazy scheme to win back the booth and Carrie should be mature enough now to know better and perhaps she could have been made to be more stern. A real no-nonsense task master. Could have been more funny and original to have her see herself and want to make a difference, but she goes WAY overboard.
    This is a set back for all of the characters. Sad to see.
  • fight schlub

    The Carrie storyline was really stupid here. Leah Remini is not funny enough to maintain a storyline of her own every episode and should just be there to provide some banter with Doug. Where would they come up with the notion that she would be mentoring anyone?

    I did like the appearance of several MMA stars (Rampage Jackson, Frank Trigg, Dan Henderson and Randy Couture) as the Doug storyline is interesting. The idea of a rival company hating IPS and getting in a 1950's like gang feud with them is pretty funny, even if it was not executed in the best way.
  • Look at all the great fighters in the episode.

    Wow this episode had some great fighters in it. Hope I am not the only one that noticed. Kevin James is good friends with some of the pro fighters and attends alot of the UFC events. The fighters that I saw in the episode were Randy Couture, Rampage Jackson, Dan Henderson, and Frank Trigg. That is a awsome group of fighters. The fact that they were on the show is just crazy. You do not see very many shows with Professional Mixed Martial Artist on them. Plus the fight scene was classic. IF you are not familiar with these guys then you do not really understand or appriciate the awsomeness of this. These fighters are the best in the world. The UFC is based out of the states and Pride Fighting Championship mis based out of Japan. They are trained in all martial arts basically. If you are a fight fan this is a must see episode and if you are not then it is still funny. When ever Frank Trigg jumped on that guy with a rear naked choke I about fell over laughing. Trigg has lost a few big fights by that move. It was very funny.