The King of Queens

Season 5 Episode 7

Flame Resistant

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

While eating out, Doug and Carrie are served by Doug's high school girlfriend Margy, who they learn has been keeping in contact with Doug's mother Janet over the years. The next day Doug's mother, who is in town visiting, has Margy come to the house so she can help her do some shopping for her new apartment. Carrie immediately gets jealous of the fact that Doug's mother wants to spend time with Margy instead of her. Trying to better their relationship, Carrie goes shopping with Janet, who picks out a dress for Carrie that she doesn't like, and only buys to make her happy. While they're at the register, Margy calls and Janet goes off to meet her. Carrie tries to get Doug to talk to his mother, but he refuses and she makes him talk to Margy instead. When that doesn't work, Carrie tries talking to Janet herself. She thinks they have everything straightened out, but when Janet gets a call and leaves, Carrie follows her, and they end up at Margy's apartment. Carrie gets angry, and tells Janet to come with her, and Margy is out of their lives. When Doug goes to talk to Margy, he gets distracted and thay start talking about old times and about the song he said he wrote for her. She says he never wrote it, and they get into an argument about him never finishing anything. He looks through old boxes and finds a tape and finds out that he really never finished the song, so he and Danny try to finish it. He does, and goes to her apartment to sing it to her. She comes out on the balcony as he sings it, followed shortly by Carrie, causing Doug to run away through the bushes.