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Series Finale Predictions

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    [61]May 5, 2007
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    My prediction is everyone stop predicting whats gonna happen.

    But its fun. So mine is...........

    The Heffernans don't move at all they decide to return and Buy the house the Ferrignos lived in next door, and share the house with Arthur, Kelly, Deacon and the kids. Then there will be another season.
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    [62]May 6, 2007
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    In 9.11, Single Spaced, Doug and Carrie consider adopting, so I think that they will do that.
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    jpcanes wrote:

    arctattoo wrote:
    When is the final episode playing? Does anyone know?

    May 14th at 9pm EST. One hour finale.

    Thank you very much!!
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    A divorce would be a hilarious way to end the show, and reading the feedback it almost appears among much of the fans that they want it, but it's unlikely to happen.

    Is anyone else here wondering WHAT exactly is going on? Everything seems so terribly rushed. Doug and Carrie had moved out from each other, and all of a sudden because they HELD A BABY, they're going to adopt one from China? I mean, what is that? That, and Arthur has just met this woman, and he's already getting married for what, the 5th time? I knew the quality of the episodes has been decreasing lately, but this is just out of wack.

    What I'd like to see would be a return of Holly (which I have heard from others will happen), and, after divorcing the man she left for, she'll get with Danny. And I'd love to see the return of Denise, Spencer's old girlfriend. They were so cute and quirky together. It'd break all speculation of Danny and Spence being... well... and it'd just be a nice ending to the two people who have had so much trouble with women over the series.

    Of course, I'd like to see a return and good send-off for all of the recurring characters, Deacon, Kelly, the kids, Doug's parents, Lou, etc. Not too sure on what I'd like for Arthur, although I'm not liking the plan they have for him now.

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