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    What's it about? The show stars Kevin James and Leah Remini as Doug and Carrie Heffernan, who live in working-class Queens, NYC. Carrie's father, Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller), lives with them in a basement apartment. The cast is rounded out with Doug's friends Deacon Palmer (Victor Williams) and Spence Olchin (Patton Oswalt), and Doug's cousin, Danny Heffernan (Gary Valentine).

    What do they do? Doug, Deacon, and Danny all work for IPS, a parcel-delivery service. Carrie works for a real estate company, and previously worked for a law office in the Chrysler Building. Spence worked in a subway toll booth for the NYC Transit Authority until losing his job in the final season. Arthur is retired, and occasionally comes up with a scheme to make money, but generally ends up losing it instead.

    When's it on? It currently airs on CBS at 8:00ET/PT on Monday nights. It is also on in syndicated reruns in most US markets. Click the link to find when it airs near you. In the UK, it airs on Paramount Comedy.

    Didn't Carrie have a sister? Carrie's sister, Sara Spooner, lived with them early in the first season. Her sudden departure was never explained in show. She simply vanished, never to be seen, or even mentioned, again. It has since been explained that writers simply had a tough time creating stories for her, so she was a victim of first-season retooling.

    Didn't Doug have a sister? Ricki Lake had a recurring role as his sister, Stephanie Heffernan. She has not been seen/heard from since season three.

    Didn't Doug have a friend named Richie? Richie appeared in the first two seasons, and a single episode of season three. He has not been seen since, nor his disappearance explained.

    What happened to Holly? She was a dog walker who, for many years, took Arthur on her rounds. She moved to Manhattan in season 8 to marry the owner of a limousine service. In real life, actress Nicole Sullivan left the series to star in the failed ABC show Hot Properties. The producers had said they left the door open for her to come back should Hot Properties fail, but her only other appearance was in the series finalé.

    Do they really live next door to The Hulk? Yes. Lou Ferrigno appears on the show as himself, playing their next-door neighbor. His real life wife, Carla, also appears as herself.

    Is it my imagination, or does Carrie look bigger in seasons seven and eight? Leah Remini gave birth to her first child in June of 2004. She decided to not rush getting off the extra pregnancy weight.

    Are Spence and Danny, you know? While Spence and Danny are late 30s men sharing an apartment, and Spence is a tad on the sissyish side, they are both straight.

    Did I hear something about Kevin James and Gary Valentine being related? Yes, they are brothers in real life. Neither uses their given last name: Knipfing. Can't say I blame them.

    What's this about it being a spin-off from Everybody Loves Raymond? The facts are: 1. Kevin James portrayed a character named simply "Kevin" several times on ELR during its first two seasons. 2. He later, three times, played a character named "Doug," but only after KoQ premiered. 3. It has since been established that the characters of Doug Heffernan and Ray Barone are friends (as have Kevin James and Ray Romano in real life prior to either having a show). Whether these facts make it a spin-off or not is a subject of debate. The websites for CBS and Sony (who produce the show) say nothing of this, though at least one Paramount (who syndicates it to the UK) site says it is.

    Why is it a rerun/not on this week? Shows have reruns and occasionally get pre-empted for special programming. Deal with it.

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