The King of Queens

Season 8 Episode 12

Fresh Brood

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Danny comes in with the baby in the first scene and doesn't explain why he has a baby, Doug reacts, "Ok, What's up Gare?" mistakenly using Gary Valentine's real name instead of calling him Danny.

  • Quotes

    • Old man: (pretending to be dying) Oh, someone help me!
      Arthur: I'm gonna help you.
      (Arthur 'saves' his life)
      Old man: Oh, thank you mister, that I've never seen before. Thank you for saving my life.
      Arthur: It was nothing.
      Old man: You are the greatest customer in here.
      Arthur: Oh, thanks. (whispers) You should be the customer of the month.
      Old man: (to everybody) You should be the customer of the month. (hushed) Are we done?

    • Carrie: The reason why you want a baby is so you can get back at Danny?!
      Doug: And to make our lives complete.

    • Doug: My baby won't sleep, and I've been crying a lot.
      Mother: Did you try the dryer trick?
      Doug: You put 'em in the dryer?

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