The King of Queens

Season 5 Episode 10

Loaner Car

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

Deacon gets stuck working a late shift the week of Thanksgiving, even though he has his kids for the week too. While eating at Doug and Carrie's house, Deacon realizes he wants to give his kids a real family Thanksgiving, but he could never do it alone. He needs a wife, and Doug gets the idea of loaning Carrie to him. Carrie doesn't like the idea at first, but with an easy work week and Arthur out of town, Doug manages to convince her. Things go well at first, until Deacon has a taste of Carrie's cooking. Things continue to go downhill when Carrie tries to shut the kids up with cupcakes, continues to make terrible food, and complains about people at work constantly. Doug is enjoying the situation, playing golf in the living room and eating all sorts of junk food, when Deacon comes over and complains to him. One evening, Holly comes by Deacon's apartment and, having heard he's hosting Thanksgiving for his kid, gives him an apple pie. He loves it, and the way she acts with his kids, and he tells Doug he's going to end the deal with Carrie. Doug tells him not to, and that he will do it. Rather than tell her the truth, Doug tries to book a vacation to Massachusetts to keep her away from Deacon. She won't go, because she thinks Deacon really needs her help. Doug and Carrie show up at Deacon's on Thanksgiving, with Holly there preparing a turkey already. When Holly and Carrie both realize that they've been misled, they both leave with their turkeys. With no meal, Deacon ends up having to take his entire family to the bar for dinner.