The King of Queens

Season 9 Episode 4

Major Disturbance

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • Season 9, Episode 4.

    I loved this episode! It's definitely one of my favorites in The King Of Queens history. Carrie learns that Doug offered to watch Major for the weekend, but that doesn't happen after Doug scares him with a bedtime story. Haha. Then, Doug learns that kids like clowns. So, of course, like classic King Of Queens style, Doug does something stupid, yet funny. He dresses up as a clown, and rings Deacon's bell. He says his unit is 3E, as in "Entenman's." LMAO! Deacon doesn't let him in, and he climbs the fire escape. Carrie chases behind him. He sprinkles confetti over her and squirts her with water. Major likes Doug as a clown, but gets afraid when Carrie beats him up on the fire escape. LMAO!
  • Classic episode near the end of the shows run

    This ep is a must watch. The build up between the characters is why this show was so great. The ending is one of the shows best. Evil self centered Carrie is in full bloom taking pleasure from Doug's tormenting of Major(who should be already in terror due to his own change in appearance and the disappearance of his brother. lol)and wants to reap the benefits. Doug's attempts to rectify the situation just scares Major even more and finally Doug goes overboard in classic Doug style and Carrie tries to stop him. . . . . . . . .
  • A funnier episode than the previous one simply because Arthur ( Jerry Stiller ) is back in this one.

    Don’t get me wrong I love Kevin and Leah but some episode’s can be a little stale if there’s not a third or fourth party to take some of the jokes and scenes from them, so the inclusion of Arthur and/or Spence and Danny makes for a more memorable episode.

    This week we have Doug telling Major a bed time story, it start’s as a fairytale but Doug elaborates and it becomes a nightmare scaring little poor Major, in fact it’s that bad that Major never wants to be baby sat by Doug or Carrie ever again, when Doug get’s wind of this he set’s about in his own unique way to try and make things better between himself and Major.

    Arthur has his hands full with a get rich scheme by hiring out his friends from the senior centre to ride with solo drivers so that they can use the car pool lanes, everything is going great but like all of Arthur’s get rich schemes it fall’s flat on it’s face and so doe’s Arthur.
  • In this very funny episode, Doug scares Deacon and Kelly's son Major so much with a bedtime story that he won't be babysat by them. Meanwhile, Arthur begins to hire himself to be an extra driver so solo drivers can ride in the carpool lane.

    In another very funny episode in the Ninth and sadly final season, Doug tells Deacon's son Major the story of a magic pen, which Major knows by heart. To spice things up, Doug creates his own version, about a half man/half lobster, with "regular people feet" who threatens to eat the character's family, which scares Major very much. Doug tries to make into a happy ending, but it doesn't work. His plan to talk to him later on just makes it worse, as he says he's the only person he's got if his parents die, which scares him even more. Meanwhile, Arthur decides to hire himself to be in the car with solo drivers so they can be in the car pool lane. Doug still wants to make things right, so he dresses up as a clown and climbs up to Major's window. His plan to cheer him up works, until Carrie, angry that he is interfering, beats him senseless right in front of Major! A hilarious episode in a so far pretty hilarious season.