The King of Queens

Season 5 Episode 5

Mammary Lane

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

Doug's bowling team is getting ready to be in their annual tournament, and while they're practicing, they learn that Tanya, the attractive girl who works at the shoe counter, is leaving, only to be replaced by Denise, whom they all find very unattractive. Out of pity Doug flirts with her, but she is very unreceptive. A few days later, Doug breaks a lace, and has to go to the counter to buy some, and Denise makes a big production to bring out her boyfriend, who actually turns out to be her brother. Doug gets offended by the fact that she would go to that much trouble because he flirted with her, especially since it was just a "mercy flirt". At one of the tournament match-ups, Denise makes a point to get get the lineup from Deacon instead of Doug. He decides to show her he can do better by trying to get Carrie to kiss him, but she fight back, which gives everyone a worse impression of him. In the parking lot, Doug wants to find Denise and end it by telling her he was just being nice. It leads to a chase, and she maces him, leaving him screaming on the ground. At her office, Carrie agrees to babysit Mr. Kaplan's son in an attempt to get the job as his secretary. Before long, he stops playing with his toys and begins to repeatedly grab Carrie's breasts. It keeps happening, but Carrie can't say anything because he's her boss' son. She complains to Doug, who goes on a rant about women thinking all men are pigs. She decides to tell Mr. Kaplan she won't watch him anymore, but the child has already decided to be watched by Amanda, a busty secretary at the office. Meanwhile, Spence has just bought a Tivo, and starts bragging about it to Holly. However, when he goes through the shows it has recorded for him he realizes Tivo thinks he's gay. He tries to convince Tivo and Holly that he isn't gay by programming it for sporting events, but all it does is record men's ice dancing. He has a conversation with Carrie about how they're both being sexually harassed, her by a four year old and him by Tivo, although in the end he does choose to watch Queer as Folk.
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