The King of Queens

Season 5 Episode 11

Mentalo Case

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2002 on CBS

Episode Recap

While Doug and Deacon are sitting around Doug's living room, Spence comes in with a vintage doll he paid $70 for. Doug starts to wax nostalgic about Mentalo, a future predicting toy, and how he wants to track one of those down, but Deacon tells him it was a stupid toy. Doug tries to bid on a Mentalo on an online auction, but Carrie stops him because they're already spending too much on Christmas. She asks him why he cares so much about it and he tells her it reminds him of a simpler time. Spence takes Doug to a toy dealer he knows who says he has a Mentalo, but when they get there he says he just sold it to a tall black guy, wearing an IPS cap. They find out it was Deacon, and Doug assumes Deacon bought it for him, although they agreed not to get each other gifts. He goes to Deacon's house to try and figure out what he can get him, and ends up telling him he knows Deacon bought something for him. He insists he didn't, and it turns out that Deacon bought it for himself. He only said it was stupid because he was upset about not having one as a kid. Deacon says that if Mentalo means more than their friendship, he can take it. Carrie tells him to give it back, and they argue, and Carrie tells him that she bought him one. Meanwhile, Carrie tells Holly she decided to get Arthur a cruise as a Christmas gift, instead of a robe or an "old man cap" as usual. When Holly finds out Arthur only got Carrie chopsticks, she tells him he may want to get her something nicer. He threatens to beat himself up and blame her unless she tells him what Carrie got him, so she does. Feeling he should get Carrie something nicer after all, he tells Holly to find out what Carrie wants. She makes up a ridiculous story about her sister having the same taste as Carrie, and she tells her she would like a leather jacket. Carrie assumes Holly is the one getting her the leather jacket and decides she needs to get her something nicer. She tries to scale down Arthur's cruise to save money, and ends up having to cancel it, and buys Holly expensive earrings with the money. She gives Holly the earrings, and find out all she got her was a mug. Carrie opens Arthur's jacket, and he find out all she got him was another old man cap. He takes the jacket back and says she can have it when he sets sail. Doug wraps Mentalo and gives it back to Deacon Christmas day. But when he opens his, it turns out to be the cheap knock off, Mental Man, and he and Deacon proceed to fight over the real Mentalo.
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