The King of Queens

Season 9 Episode 3

Moxie Moron

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 2006 on CBS

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  • Good episode, though would have been better if Arthur and Spence had starred in it.

    Doug and Deacon fight over the supervisors job at IPS when O’Boyle has to go on leave, naturally Doug takes it one step too far and makes a complete fool of himself and messes everything up making the employee’s hate him.

    On the Carrie front she regrets not complaining after receiving some rubbishy soaps from her boss for completing a big contract, though she complains to her work friends she keeps her mouth shut in front of her boss, that’s until one of her work friends repeats what Carrie had said to the bosses face and get’s promoted, Carrie naturally is angry and try’s to get a promotion by telling her boss some home truths about him and the company with not the result’s she was expecting.
  • They already did Doug fighting with Deacon over who will take over the supervisor job. This episode is the first in the series that I didn't really care for. Carrie's story was decent but not enough to save the episode full of recycled jokes.

    Didn't they do this one already? I think I saw this one? Doug fought with Deacon many years ago over who would get the (temporary) supervisor job. Sure the exact scenario is a little different but it felt very recycled to me. To make my viewing worse my local affiliate chose to air that similar episode right before this one. Even the joke about Carrie "having to do anything" to keep her job and Doug said he assumed she was [having an affair] all along which was exactly the same joke he used in another previous episode. Carrie's part of the story was mildly funnier but seemed slightly out of character for her. All-in-all the episode was painful to watch. I can honestly say this is the first episode of the series which I didn't care for and I hope this is not an indication of future episodes in the series. The only really funny part that I laughed at was the very end when we see what happened to Danny.
  • Hilarious live taping makes this a special episode for friend and I.

    Well, this was a very special episode to me because I was an audience member and this was the first show I have seen taped live. My best friend Gerry and I were in LA for one day and almost didn\\\'t get into the taping, but were one of the last several people to get in. I seriously do not know how any comedy ever gets through a taping, but the professionalism somehow manages to overcome the urge to laugh and they eventually deliver a grand performance. This episode was written with the usual humor and familiar situations as any K of Q episode, but seemed particularly funny to me, at least when delivered in person. There was one particular scene between Doug and Deacon that had the entire audience in tears. Boy, Kevin James can crack up a mime, his facial expressions are so funny. Another particularly well written scene involved Doug and Carrie in their bedroom talking about things they would do to get ahead in business. I had not been a regular of this series for a few years, but this episode showed me that these actors can still entertain. Oh, by the way, the ending delivers in a way the show has never done so before...