The King of Queens

Season 9 Episode 8

Offensive Fowl

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • Doug learns about how meat is processed, and decides to become a vegetarian. Meanwhile Carrie wants to impress her boss by acting interested in a 1200 page book. Eventually Doug drives Carrie up the wall with his vegetarian kick! Great Episode!!

    This was yet another great episode from the King of Queens staff. I really like how the episode started, with another familiar scene of Doug trying to drive his truck and eat chinese food at the same time..which never ends well. This time he hits something..turns out it's a chicken but it's not hurt at all. As Doug gets ready to flee the scene he see's that an asian man is coming out of a business with a cleaver and hanging in the window of the mans business are cooked chickens. Feeling guilty, he grabs the chicken and leaves the scene. The next few scenes are great! Doug bonding with the chicken! Finally Doug leaves the chicken at a farm. I really liked the scene when Doug gets home from work and Carrie pulls the cooked chicken out of the oven, then rips a leg right off..and Doug freaks out. Really funny stuff. Who would have thought that Doug could be grossed out by any kind of food?! So Doug decides to quit eating meat. Meanwhile all of these burger places are trying to come up with a new burger to appeal to everyone. Carrie is trying to impress her boss by acting interested in a 1200 page book, but it backfires when Carrie's boss gives her the book to read. Doug and his new eating habbits somehow transform his entire character into this smug, glasses wearing wimp. Carrie gets very annoyed at the 'new' Doug. One of the funniest scenes in the show is when Doug is making a delivery and a truck drives by with a huge new burger add! He turns the other way in disgust only to see another truck with another add for a different kind of new burger. He panics after seeing 2 more burger adds and hearing a radio add for a burger. Carrie comes home later to find that Doug has broken down and was passed out with a huge burger in his hands, and even more burgers on the table. She happily touches his face knowing that she got her old Doug back! What a funny episode! I give this a 9!