The King of Queens

Season 9 Episode 8

Offensive Fowl

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Doug is driving and eating Chinese takeout, he slams on the brakes and the food covers his jacket. The scene shows him open his truck door still covered in rice, yet when he steps out, his jacket is spotless.

  • Quotes

    • Doug: Glenn just showed me some movies about how meat is made, and now I can't eat it.
      Carrie: Come on!
      Doug: Carrie, I'm serious. I was just down in the refrigerator. You know what I ate? An apple!
      Carrie: Oh, my God.
      Doug: And a Yodel, but still.

    • Doug: (checking the mail) Sweet! My seeds are here! Hello, fresh radishes!

    • Doug: (jumps into bed) Just talk about meat and do stuff to me, okay? I gotta link it to something good again.

    • (Spence enters carrying a large sign)
      Deacon: How's the new job?
      Spence: How do you think it's going? I stand all day on the sidewalk carrying this.
      Danny: Yeah, well, at least no one's peein' on ya like when you worked in the subway.
      Spence: Heh. Guess again.

    • Carrie: Look at you! Enjoying your tofu sausage and I can't believe they're not eggs!
      Doug: Yep, and you know what makes them taste better? Knowing I'm doing the right thing—and a butt load of hot sauce.

    • Doug: Just so you know, for our anniversary, I made reservations at The Sproutback. Is that okay?

    • Carrie: Doug, I don't understand. You eat fast food 2 – 3 times a week; it never occurred to you that animals are involved?
      Doug: Because they don't make it look like an animal! They're very clever that way.

    • (Doug is on his cell phone with Animal Control)
      Doug: What do you mean you don't take chickens? You're Animal Control! I bet you if I had a dog or a cat you'd be rolling out the red carpet! Hello. Hello?

    • Mr. Kaufman: My wife thinks 1,100 pages is too long for a book. Sometimes I forget she is only 29.

    • Glenn: What's wrong?
      Doug: Nothing. It's stupid.
      Glenn: Problems aren't stupid; people who ignore them are.

    • Carrie: Your reading days are over!
      (Carrie walks out the door and throws away Doug's book)
      Doug: Hey! Hey! Throw it out. Throw out all the books you want! The new Doug Heffernan is here, and he isn't going anywhere!

    • Doug: Well, if you get hungry, just look in your purse. I put in some snap peas.
      Carrie: Yeah, I saw that. But next time you might want to put them in a little baggy.
      Doug: Not biodegradable!

    • Carrie: Ever since you stopped eating meat and started reading, you've been acting like an ass!

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