The King of Queens

Season 8 Episode 10

Raygin Bulls

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Even though the concept of Doug running into Ray is possible, it is unlikely that it would happen in a supermarket. On Raymond, the Barone's address was on Fowler Ave in Lynbrook, NY. In Lynbrook, there is a grocery store on Hempstead Ave called Cross Island Fruits. This is where the Barones would most likely do their shopping. Since the store is located a good 15-20 minutes (depending on traffic) to anywhere in Queens County, it seems odd that Doug would shop there.

    • In the flashback, Carrie/"Simone" looks 8 or 9. Wouldn't you remember that your name was changed from one to the other? It's not like she was a baby in the flashback.

    • We learn Carrie's real first name was Simone. Arthur lost it in a poker game.

  • Quotes

    • Ray: (looking in Doug's shopping cart) Log of salami, chips, and cheese—so you're not buyin' into the whole cholesterol thing, huh?

    • Arthur: (to Carrie) Are you happy with your life, schlepping coffee for suits by day and folding giant underwear at night?

    • Carrie: I'm going to New Jersey with my father to visit my mother's grave for the weekend.
      Doug: (trying to stifle excitement) You're going to be gone for the weekend?
      Carrie: Could you at least pretend you're going to miss me?!

    • Doug: Let's shake things up a bit.
      Ray: You wanna get a pizza?
      Doug: No! Well, yes, I do. But that's not the point!

    • Doug: What's wrong with "Kettle Korn"?
      Ray: It's not organic. It doesn't come up in a sentence much.
      Doug: It does for me.

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