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  • Dead to me

    I'm going to try my best to make this review about the whole show and not just the last two episodes, but if this show had a better ending, it is likely that I would still like it. After its series finale aired, I never watched the show again and never will see it again. I couldn't get behind the idea of it anymore.

    This show has a lot of problems with it. I don't know if in my original watch through if I just overlooked them or just didn't care. Doug is often mean and heartless, although I don't think he means to be that way. He just doesn't care like a good person should. He is often scheming about how to get out of things that he doesn't care about regardless of how they are not actually as bad as he thinks they are. Carrie is kind of a bitch and often doesn't care about most of what is going on most of the time. She can be controlling and demeaning while often not seeing other sides in a discussion. Arthur is very lazy and rude. I can't tell if it is a poor acting choice or if there really are people who have to speak LOUDER THAN THEY HAVE TO a lot of the time. While there are some times when he does offer good advice, it is few and far between.

    A lot of the side characters had their moments and none of them were that bad. Some of the earlier seasons make you wonder if they fully explained why some characters weren't focused on later in the show. Nicole Sullivan was probably the best thing about this show. It's a shame that she wasn't always on it. Doug's cousin could have been a far more interesting character and I might have liked Deacon's role better if he didn't have issues with his wife for a lot of the series. I don't even know why they couldn't have done more of a role for Carrie's sister. She's featured a lot in the pilot, a few times later on, and is then effectively retconned from the show. It makes me wish that they had redone the pilot later on and show a new version in reruns.

    What made this show terrible is that nearly every episode was about some sort of thing going wrong or people wanting out of a situation and doing whatever terrible thing they wanted to in order to get out of it or some sort of dumb issues with the friends. There wasn't much good about it in the end and while it may have been good at one point, it is more likely that it was never good and I was just slowly seeing it for myself just how bad it is.

    This brings us to the disappointing story arc that closes the show. There have been a whole ton of bad finales and this one would rank as one of the worst for me. Doug, once again, seems to do something dumb for the fun of it and this time, there are even more negative consequences as it all comes to a head. While most people would have wanted Doug and Carrie to wind up with a child at the end, the writers did not go about in a good way of doing it. Doug no longer has the great job he likes that we always associate him with and there are more problems as well. Honestly, when Arthur speaks the last words of the series, "It didn't work out," that quickly became my thoughts on this show as well. I don't know why they had to give us the insufferable ending of this show. So much of it was not actually funny and related to terrible people being terrible all the time. I will never see this show in a good way again and cannot understand why I liked it or watched it in the first place.
  • best show EVER

    the cast and writing is superb

    I love everyone on this show

    I DVR every episode continuously for few years so late at night before sleep I catch a couple eps for the great comedy

    I'm seriously addicted and have probably seen every episode 5-6 times and I still crack up

    this is totally my sense of humor completely

    I have a few hundred channels to watch but I always end my day with King of Queens because I know it makes me happy. How can anyone not relate?
  • The best

    This show was great
  • Everyone listen up

    It's all personal preference if you like the show or not. Therefore it's not really right to rate a show. Everyone is different. So everyone that says it ain't funny are wrong. Some are gonna think the show is funny while others aren't.
  • Pretty good!

    I really like the show. Kevin James is a great comedic television actor. He makes it seem easy to do, when in fact, it's extremely difficult. That being said, as much as I used to enjoy Jerry Stiller, he doesn't even phone it on on this show. He's just absolutely terrible on this show. Every scene he opens his mouth, cocks his head back, clasps his hand together & says his line. Just terrible acting. He's NOT funny on this show. He's funny in other things, so if you've seen those, you realize just how terrible he is in The King Of Queens. I'm literally embarrassed for him. THAT'S how bad he is. Not Funny. Phones it in. Doesn't even try at all. Oh, and WORST THEME MUSIC IN THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING !! It might even be worse than Stiller !!
  • A clever title for Doug Morin is impossible.

    Nice guys finish first.
  • The best

    This a very good, very well scripted, very well acted and very funny CBS comedy, it still makes chuckle even today in 2013.
  • funny!

    Some of the funniest stuff I hear is from this is a site to like this comfortable amusement.
  • Very Good

    I think this show is really good. Even though it was a spin off of Everybody Loves Raymond, I liked Kevin James much more than Ray and think Carrie is a strong female character, even if she can get a little annoying at times. the dynamic between the two is great and they were casted perfectly.
  • One of the best

    The king of queens is one of my favorite shows on . I love Kevin James and he is one of the actors. I know him for the king of queens but now he is a big movie star. I also love Patton Oswalt and Jerry Stiller
  • Love Kevin James and Leah Remini.

    Good show. Funny.
  • Perfec-sheeown

    Easily one of the best sitcoms ever. It has similarities to Everybody Loves Raymond, dealing with relationship issues and intrusive family, but without the kids. The main cast are backed up by a terrific supporting cast which really take the show over the edge. It's all Kevin James though, without whom, the show just wouldn't be the same. He's a likable, charismatic guy, which probably explains his crossover to cinema. He'll always be Doug to me though.
  • Doug is Mean

    There was an episode where Doug and Carrie were going to a ballgame, and Carrie didn't want to take her purse, so she gave him a few (4) things to carry. He threw them in the trashcan. What kind of husband does that? Also, he didn't want to be a party at her work and faked a heart attack and was rude to the people she worked with. Nice supportive husband. He was just plain MEAN to her. I can't watch the show.
  • bowlesmdb

    it killed the whole show for me when the wife gained so much weight. it is the dream of every fat man to have a hot wife, he did but he got over it. the show used to be about a fat slob with a hot wife now it's about two fat slobs.

    i will admit tho that the show is sort of funny and they don't center the whole show around sex they do actually have a little talent which is more than i can say for most sitcoms these days.
  • Will leave you smiling...

    Both main characters play their roles very well. The grandpa is silly and weird, which is somehow appealing to me. I like the laidback, casual conversations they have.... it makes you wonder what it's like to live a day in their shoes. I like how random and silly the stories are. I try not to miss an episode!
  • A show about a fat guy, a crazy dad and a annoying wife

    This is basically a average sickcom. We have all the classic character that have been cloned time and time again. We have the fat, stupid husband who thinks hes macho and gets into problems. We have his skinny, attractive wife who is somewhat smart and uses that to put down her husand and prove that shes really the man and we have the crazy person that lives with them to provide more entertainment value when there are dull moments. Yep this show is just a average sickcom. Sending a joke out every five minutes hoping that there all hits but only half of them are slightly funny

    I could watch episodes over and over. All cast members brought their 'A' game to the table. Kevin was crazy funny every episode and Leah was beautiful and funny.This show was flawless from pilot to finale. Enjoy the pretty colors!!

    Anybody who knows me would probably be shocked at this review, as am anything but a harsh or judgmental person. This having been stated, I can tell you that although I would certainly stop to help a beggar in Bangladesh, or an alcoholic injured on a skid row street, if Doug or Carrie Heffernan were run over as I was driving by, it would take all my will power not to turn around and run over them again. These were the most useless, empty, shallow, ignorant sitcom characters I have ever seen in my 72-plus years on the planet.
  • Endlessly funny! It's a show you can watch again and again. Please bring it back!

    I recently picked up the complete series set on dvd (LOVE the IPS Truck design for the dvd case by the way) and I'm hooked. I had only ever seen a few episodes before and I instantly knew it was great. Well worth the price and it's an excellent value. I really love Doug and Arthur. They're hilarious together. Even Carrie is funny from time to time. Truely it's a great show that'll just continue to be funnier and funnier every time it's shown. I encourage everyone to watch this highly addictive series. Great work for such a great show :D!
  • Kevin James and the rest of the cast star in "The King of Queens"... one of the funniest shows I've ever seen

    I miss this show very much and I wish that it never got canceled but I'm happy that they air the reruns on TBS. This show doesn't only star Kevin James but it stars other hilarious actors such as Leah Remini, Victor Williams, Gary Valentine, Patton Oswalt, Nicole Sullivan, and Jerry Stiller. I just wish that Nicole Sullivan wasn't gone all season 9 long but I am happy that she returned in the series finale. Doug (Kevin James), Spencer (Patton Oswalt), and Arthur (Jerry Stiller) are the funniest characters of this show. The other characters are also very funny but out of all of the characters. Those characters that I mentioned are my favorite characters and the funniest characters of this show. I don't have a problem with most of the episodes. The characters pretty much in every episode crack me up so hard. "The King of Queens" is a perfect show that will give you a very good laugh. I recommend this show to everybody and I promise that you all will get a good laugh out of this show... it just depends on what you want in a comedy show because I know everyone has a different sense of humor. Overall, Kevin James and the rest of the cast are perfect for a sitcom called "The King of Queens". 10/10
  • Just not funny.

    I can't help but be completely annoyed by this sitcom. It's like they didn't even bothered trying ro write good comedy, just rehash third rate jokes and hope it sticks. The worst of all this is that it's all so damm uninteresting and lacking in every way.

    To make things worse leading man Kevin James has a permanent "I'm so funny" smug grin on his face that would be tolerable if only he once delivered in the comedy department, which he doesn't, he just lies there doing nothing like a big unfunny baby. Which takes me to the relationship between the Heffernan's- easily the most insincere and poor representation of a married couple on any TV show, really headache inducingly obnoxious Remini spends the whole show as if it where a violent chore to even be around her own husband. Jerry Stiller yanking the few laughs on the show is doing a 100% repetition of his role as Frank Costanza in Seinfeld only this time his hints mostly tread on water due to the inability of the central duo in recognizing a joke even if it flew by them. The episodes just drift along in a stream of nothingness, their jobs add nothing and their interaction is even worse.

    This is not even a waste of talent, there is no talent here, this is a laughless creative desert.
  • "The King of Queens" is just awful.

    "The King of Queens" is TV series that tells the story of a blue collar couple played by Kevin James and Leah Remini who share a apartment with the Remini character's father played by Jerry Stiller. As you could expect from most sitcoms is the fact that the husband is causing problems and is fat and the wife is thin and overprottected. The father in law is just the oddball and the pretty much the same father in law cliche. This show is not funny and extremely annoying. The two main actors are overacting and annoying espically Kevin James. Thats the least of the problems with this show. The Main Problem is that there is no chemistry between Kevin James and Leah Remini. The only saving grace is Jerry Stiller's performance, which is o.k. "The King of Queens" is just awful, I laughed only once per episode.
  • This comedy show is an cbs classic show and very funny.

    This show is about a middle aged man Doug Heffernan (Kevin James) and his wife Carry Heffernan/Spooner (Leah Remini) Carry's Mom dyed in season 1 so carry's father Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller). This family deals with problems in the world either jobs, relationship fights, or even Arthur. Doug and Carry finally got their baby at the end of the series. this show first aired in 1997 and ended in 2006. 9 seasons it took for another great comedy show that will no doubt be a classic. this show was on CBS at 8:00. This comedy show will be a classic show forever.
  • CBS's Great Sitcom

    The show follows Doug Heffernan, an IPS driver from Queens, New York. The show revolves around his family life, his relationships with his friends. His wife Carrie always seems to be in a terrible mood, His father-in-law Arthur Spooner Who lives in their basement and seems to be the instigator in most of Doug and Carrie's arguments, and Doug's friends Deacon, Spencer, and his cousin Danny which serve as a way to distance him self from his family some of the times. I wasn't a big fan of the first season but the show kept on getting better and better
  • Okay show.

    I don't think that this show was bad at all. I thought that it was kust okay and it was just average. The comedy was broing and I have to say that the acting was the only thing that saved the show from being bad. I thought they had some decent actors and actresses and it made for a fair source of entertainment. My favorite aspects had to be the relationship between the married couple. I thought they had good chemistry and some decent storylines. Overall, this was an okay show that lacked any special elements that made other shows great. Thank you.
  • Missing this

    I love watching this show on Comedy Central, it is one of those really funny sitcoms you catch when you bored in the house in the middle of the day and theres nothing on TV King of Queens along with Frasier and Everybody loves Raymond is such a funny sitcom to watch, I never get bored of these shows and they never fail to make me laugh. Doug is a really funny character and Carrie is funny too but Doug is the best. Kevin James did a great job on this show and he always makes me laugh. 8.5 out of 10
  • Great comedy series!

    I first started watching this show after it ended its run on CBS, and I was instantly hooked. All of the characters are extremely hilarious and the episodes are very entertaining. I love Jerry Stiller as Carrie's father Arthur, who lives in their basement to Doug's chagrin. Kevin James is absolutely hilarious, and Leah Remini is dead on. Even the minor characters are great, Doug's friend Spence and his cousin (Kevin James' real life brother Garry Valentine) Danny, and Deacon his friend in and outside of work.

    Overall this show is great to watch even if you haven't seen it from the beginning.
  • I miss Doug and Carrie!

    This show gave hope to the hopeless in so many ways. Did we ever really think that a delivery truck driver (no offense, I AM one, and know that I could NEVER afford to live in Queens, or, for that matter, anywhere near 300 miles of New York City). Plus, as I am, Doug was a heavier set male who landed an absolute knockout in Carrie. This is something all men who aren't Brad Pitt look-a-likes (replace Brad Pitt with whomever the woman of your dreams is infatuated with) dream about. Live for. Drink because of. This show was really great, and I sure miss it.
  • Doug Heffernan is a delivery driver who lives in Queens with his wife, Carrie and her father, Arthur. Doug likes hanging out with his friends, including co-worker Deac, Spence and Richie. His marriage is the main focus of this series.

    The King of Queens was a spin off of Everybody Loves Raymond. In fact, Ray Barone makes several appearances on here and Larry Romano(I assume its Rays brother) play Richie in the early episodes. I actually like this show better than Raymond and it seems to have aged better than the former show. I think its because Raymond seemed to be about his parents almost every week and it got old after a while. At least here the focus is on the marriage between an average working guy and a typical modern woman(she likes being where she is, but occasionally aspires to something more. Carrie tries to get Doug interested in things like opera and movies that arent neccasarily filled with violence. I guess what I like about this show is that it feels like these are real people, not just standard sitcom cliches. The tensions in this marriage feel like they are the kinds of tensions that young couples across the country have to deal with. But mostly I like it because its very funny. Kevin James is very likeable even though his character is something of a slob and somewhat self centered. James once hosted a special honoring Jackie Gleasons classic "Honeymooners" and the comparision is very apt. If Gleason were doing the Honeymooners today, this is pretty much what it might look like. No, this is not sophisticated like Frasier or Dick Van Dyke but I still think this show is well written as far as the relationship is concerned and in that way is not all that far removed from Cheers. The chemistry between James and Leah Remini is what carries this show. Though I probaly should take this time to mention Jerry Stiller. When I first started watching this show Stiller made it kind of hard to watch. He has a tendency to be overly shrill and annoying(just like his character on Seinfeld). But watching the show again after a while, Ive come to appreciate the by play between Stiller and James and while I still find the character annoying, Ive found a level of tolerance because I like the relationship of the leads.
  • this show is really funny

    king of queens is one of the best sitcoms ever! this show is not a show to watch when nothing else is on, it is a gerat show. i thing it is a very original sitcom because the wife carrie is actualy tougher than doug. i like the halloween episode where dougan thinks his son is gay and dresses him up in a powre puff girls outfit .i am loosing channels on my tv, and if tbs is gone i will be most dissapointed to loose this show this is definatly on my top ten list of shows . .
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