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  • Funny episode, aspects work together well, but doesn't seem appropriate for a season finale.

    Shrink Wrap is a good episode overall; however, I'm not quite sure it's appropriate for a season finale. The aspects work together very well. Carrie, Arthur, and Doug's "problems" work together well and create a reasonable conflict. Their resulting "solution" doesn't seem very viable, but that's just a minor issue. Unlike Season 1 and Season 3 finales, this finale doesn't wrap up or "leave with a bang." There's no pregnancy, Arthur doesn't try to leave, etc. I would've liked to see something a little more important. The fighting in the beginning is a great start to the episode. Arthur's comeback in the middle of the night is hilarious! Overall, I liked the episode, but would've rather seen it in the middle of the season.
  • Doug, Carrie and Arthor!!

    This in my opinion is an amazing show. Reccomended for anyone!!


    Doug is lazy, yes funny and optimisic. Carrie is pessimistic and is married to Doug. Arthor is Carries father who lives with them.


    Spence is obsessed with shows and their convensions. He is described as "dorky". Danny is Doug's cousin and resembles Doug a lot but more lazy. Deacon is the families best friend. He is probably the most mature and realiable. This show is very interesting and very funny. I really think and hope that they make more episodes!! this is an awesome show!! i really reccomend it!!
  • Good

    The King of Queens is a generally pretty good show with some good humor. It has great story lines with great ideas and humor did spread over it. Kevin James shakes up the show his massive jokes. Jerry Spooner adds a nice part to the show. But the one who really pulls the show together is Leah Remini with her sassiness and cruel personality, it spices up the show. The other stars of the show generally bring the show down with their stupid ideas. If you havent seen The King of Queens yet I would recommend of watching it. !
  • very good

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  • King of Queens is about a blue collard guy named Doug. He is a funny guy with a beautiful wife, Carey. Things get funny when you add a crazy hilarious man, Arthur, who is father to Carey.

    King of Queens is a great funny show. It never gets old because the writers just bring up new material which slays us. It is a great show to watch, because you will be cracking up every time. It's one of those amazing comedy shows which just make you laugh every time you watch it. Kevin James is the perfect actor for his role and is hysterical. Carey is a great role to add to this show as well with her edgy personality. But the man who completes this show with no doubt has to be Arthur Spooner. He has a personality that makes people laugh like crazy, he's old, he's funny, he's great, he's Arthur!
  • A show I personally miss.

    Another one of the greats within the past ten years, The King of Queens has a memorable cast that won't be forgotten. The supporting characters are funny and entertaining, unlike most in other sitcoms, and although it rarely is a serious show, it's one of the best sitcoms done in a long time.

    Kevin James has his own signature sounds that he does in many episdoes, such as the hand-fart when he dislikes something. He's usually lazy, a liar and eats a lot, but on the flip-side he's a genuinely good-hearted person.

    Leah Remini's character plays the hot wife, but she's usually mean, rude and hot-tempered. In the end, she means well to have her husband eat less, and this tends to be a frequent occurence and gag throughout the show.

    Jerry Stiller's character brings the show alive with his presence. He tends to play the maniac, taking things out of context, yelling randomly and trying to get schemes to make money (usually done with Spence) or trying to pay off his debts in other ways than money. But he also is sensitive in a lot of areas, and tends to be a good person, but not always.

    The other supporting characters like Deacon, Danny and Spence also appear in a lot of the episodes. Danny and Spence later on in the show have the running gag of them being gay or similar to a gay couple, because they live with eachother and at one point, wanted to buy a house together. Deacon tends to be the cool-headed one of them all, and usually tries to keep Doug out of trouble by giving advice, but also tends to get tangled up in Doug's ideas.

    In the end, this sitcom is simply one of the best, and truly is a great show, I give it a 9/10.
  • only started watching this program because of "i now pronounce u chuck and larry"(Kevin James is in it and Danny Heffernan Gary Valentine) and i fell in love with this program,needs,laughter,family,funny people,special guests


    Doug_ it was all his idea and i make this man a genious the things he says does,eats lol,fantastic

    Carrie- a babe wow she is hot

    Arthur_ funniest on the show unbelivable


    spence i like reminds me of myself even tho i am 16..but hes really funny as well as danny,deacon and holly who is a babe

    i like the epidodes and what they are about and i think it should comeback becuase it is a great family comedy especially with all the special appearances lou ferringo
    adam west
    adam sandler
    ben stiller
    ray romano and so no This is the best on paramount comedy 1 and i watch it everyday
  • A funny show that wasn't so boring and repetitive like other sit com shows in america with predictable jokes and a lauging band. Doug and carrie are living together in queens new york. Almost every character on the show is funny to watch.Good comedy show.

    A funny show that wasn't so boring and repetitive like other sit com shows in america with predictable jokes and a lauging band. Doug and carrie are living together in queens new york. Almost every character on the show is funny to watch.Good comedy show. I must admit i didn't watch al the episodes but even when you 're watching a single episode you can still produce a smile. Doug is usually the one that gets into trouble. Carrie is the though cookie who puts him in place. Also her father Arthur spooner is very funny. A different character. Good comedy show.
  • It's ok but not so funny as sitcoms should be!

    This is an ok show but I think there's something wrong with it. It's just not so funny to me . . . All of the characters are ordinary sitcom - characters and nothing more. It's too usual. We have a normal wife ( she settles down everything ) , a normal husband ( he messes things up ) and a weird old guy . I can get that old dude . He doesn't make me laugh . But I think the actors are great . They know how to act . Especially the main actor (that fat dude). I loved him in "I pronounce you Chuck and Larry!" LOL
  • good show

    worth watching if you like comedies. just like friends and many other comedy shows, this one is nice as well. Dough and Kery make a great couple and chemistry. I love the dad Jerry Stiller, he's very laughable. Spencer is funny too. If you have the time, and there's nothing else on, this is good. However, I have to keep this review 100 words long so if you wanna really have fun, I'd go outside and do something instead of sit on your butt and watch tv your life way. you are bound to get fat and sick and legathic. ....Stay healthy people!
  • This is one of the funniest shows ever made!

    I couldn't agree more that Kevin James is absolutely amazing as Doug Heffernan, he really puts a smile on my face every episode. What else can I say besides that this show has it's hilarious moments, fun moments, dramatic moments (rarely), but everything always turns out great at the end. Thank goodness you The King of Queens. I'm running out of things to say about this show, it's just so great that it can be described in so many words. Hilarious, non-stop laughter, out of this world, crazy feel good moments & so much more. Well I'm done writing for this show. Bye for now!
  • One of the best.

    I enjoy every second of this show. The king of queens is definitely one of the best comedy shows ever. Characters are so likable and Kevin James is so good at acting his role as doug heffernan. I also have a great time watching his movies. He is really funny and talented. The plot is successful and it is really worth watching the realationship between husband and wife. I wish it had never ended because although there are other good comedy shows, the king of queens has a different place. With such a sense of humour and characters the king of queens is unique.
  • CBS' biggest hit!

    King of Queens will go down as one of the best (if not the best) sitcom in the history of television. It turned from a small comedy show into a global phenomenon. Getting better with every season, King of Queens proofed very soon that it had the right chemnistry to run ten years or even longer. Unfortunately they never made it into their tenth year and of course the show had it's bad episodes (like the one with Kristie Alley), but which show doesn't? No matter what, King of Queens will always be remembered by it's millions and millions of fans as one of the best sitcoms of all times.
  • this show rocks every one i know watches it

    my favourite episode was when decon was going to dinner with an old high school love at the chinese restaurant and the man at the desk is chinese and sounds british and then doug stares in awe and the guy says do you want me to chink it up a bit and he starts talking in na chinese accent :> That was the best episode ever if any one can find that episode on the internet or tell what episode its called and season i will be glad Thanx if you help ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • This is one of the greats of televised comedy....

    The King of Queens is one of the best shows ever. One of the 1990s comedies which were all great. King of Queens is one of those comedies that make you laugh till you wet your pants. It's that funny. The comey connects with a young just married couple who go through their marriage with walls in the way that they try to jump over but they hit it instead. Conflict up rises and the comedy begins. This show has great actor/actress chemistry and it couldn't get any better. Kevin James and Leah Remini are great as an on screen couple an the bring the show to life with Patton Oswald, Victor Williams, and others make this show great and I hope this show has like Danny Valentin and guest stars like Merrin Dungey. This show should at least have a reunion or something where they reminisce over the good old show that is now in all of our hearts an in the books as a great comedy.
  • One of the best comidies i have ever seen

    This is one of the best comedies i have ever seen and this is one of the first too ok i saw almost all episodes and harly ever have i ever said "Awful i hate it" i realy hope they bring this show back the series final was awsome and i dont know why the creators dont bring back such a awsome show the charcters are very funny in this show like doug kerry and author the first season was the best season ever and it made me watch the series more and more i think everyone should watch this show its real funny author is the funniest one in this series, kerry is real boddy which is real funny and doug is funny too so this is a real good comedy
  • It is about a couple named Doug and Carrie Heffernan who take in Carrie's father, Arthur. Doug is the king and they all live in Queens.

    I think the show is really hilarious. It is original in all it does and sheds a new light on comedy. I love Carrie since she is a little mean she makes a pretty funny Character. Doug is also great in being the glue that holds this show together. It just ended a little while ago but I still watch it. The show just seems to be great in everything it does. It lasted for 9 seasons so the show was quite popular. It used to be my favorite show and will always have a spot in my top 5 favorite shows.
  • The King of Queens is the best half-hour comedy series I've seen since Full House and Growing Pains.

    The King of Queens is hilarious! I love Doug with his facial expressions and classic one liners and Arthur with his never ending story telling and childlike ways. Carrie is the bossy, sarcastic one and is always good for a joke. There is undeniable chemistry between the three. It's absolute magic. If they aren't enough to satisfy, there's Deacon, the steady, reliable friend and Spence, the very quirky, dorky, and incredibly lovable character. Doug's cousin Danny is the doofy one, without any pretense or self-awareness. Then ofcourse, there's Holly, the adorable girl-next-door with big blonde hair and blue eyes that pop. She's sweetly innocent and funny as all get out. This is a cast who has comic genius. Each one has a comedic timing that is impeccable. No wonder I can't get enough of this show! Sadly, the series did end last year but the reruns are great to watch.
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  • Absolutely a CLASSIC!!! This is the all time number one show. It will never be compared to any show. Bring it back please.

    There will never, and i mean NEVER, be another show even close to KoQ. It makes me sick to my stomach that it was cancelled. I own every season and watch this show every day. This was a magical show. The people were perfect. Why is the ninth season only 12 episodes. Every other season has over twice that many! I am very disappointed in whoever made the decision to take this show off the air. Apparently they didn't know what it was. Nine years was not enough. I never thought this show would end. I will say it again...there will never be a show like the king of queens. It is the #1 show of all time. It will never be touched and will remain my all time favorite forever. Please do another season! Pull a Michael Jordan and make a come back. Please. It is too good to end it. Why stop at 9 ...make it a decade! The show deserves it.
  • The King of the Queens is about a couple named Doug, an overweight delivery truck driver and his wife, Carrie, an office worker. Her father lives with them in their basement.

    I found this show a couple of years ago. I grew with laughter on it. Though it ended a couple of months ago, it'll always be a hilarious classic. One of the most funniest characters was Doug, who loves to eat and be lazy. Another funny character was Carrie's father, Arthur Spooner who can be bossy. If there isn't anything good to watch on TV at the moment, you'll find me watching The King of the Queens. I definately give this show a 8. Even though, no new episodes or seasons are coming up anymore, I can always catch the reruns.
  • i Love king of queens its the best sitcom ever i watch after High School

    i this show its the best sitcom ever .i love leah remini,Kevin James and Jerry stiller . i have season 1 and 2 on dvd.i have watch at last one ep a day. and when i need to be cheer up its always makes me laugh. always with other sitcoms only one or two characters are funny but with king of queens all the characters are funny.Not just kevin and leah.and sometimes in sitcoms the first few seasons are good but it goes down hill but with king of queens it gets better every season .so by season 9 its was the funniest sitcom on TV.
  • This show has just gotten better!

    I have always loved this show but I have to admit that it does get better as they go along. Leah Remini and Kevin James have a great dynamic and make for a very funny show. He is the typical fat husband and she is such a smart ass I find it so hilarious! She always speaks her mind and just about everything that comes out of her mouth is funny and Kevin James has that dumb humor about him, plus he's worked with people like Will Smith which has to only make you a better comedian. Definetly a comedic favortie for the pair.
  • The "king" of all sitcoms!

    The king of queens is my favorite sitcom of all time and I have seen some pretty good sitcoms lately. I watch it every day and it makes me laugh out loud. The king of queens is about a guy, Doug, his wife Carrie and her annoying yet comical father, Arthur. They always get into hilarious situations that could have easily been avoided. They always find a way through all their problems and by the time you're done watching, you will always say, "what a great episode." Some other characters are doug cousin Danny, his friends Deacon, Spence and Richie. well, I won't ruin it for you, but you should watch it if you're looking for an amazingly hilarious sitcom.
  • This is one of the best sitcoms of all time, however it has never really reached the popularity it deserves.

    The King of Queens is a sitcom about Doug and Carrie Heffernan, who live in Queens with Carrie's father Arthur Spooner. A typical episode is about Doug doing something stupid, Arthur finds out and Doug have to go out of his way to avoid Carrie from finding out exactly what he has done.
    Though it may seem very unoriginal an dboring, it is in fact an extremely solid formula to great entertainment.
    All of the actors/actresses deliver superb performances, from the three leads Kevin James(Doug), Leah Remini(Carrie), Jerry Stiller(Arthur), to all of the supporting performers: Patton Oswalt(Spence) and Victor Willams(Deacon). They all help making this an outstanding comedy series, which unforunately never recieved the appreciation it deserves.
  • wow

    The King of Queens revolves around Doug Heffernan a Queens, N.Y. parcel delivery man with simple desires. Among his prized possessions is a 70-inch television that his lovely wife, Carrie provided for him. However, now that Carrie's widowed father, Arthur lives with them, Doug's television room has become Arthur's bedroom. Doug and his sports-watching buddies, Spence and Deacon and the beloved television--have been relegated to the garage, and Doug now shares his castle with a very eccentric father-in-law and his very unusual habits
  • He is truly the king of Queens

    Doug Heffernan a fat, clumsy, stupid and sometimes selfish but yet loveable guy married to a beautiful sadist of a wife living in Queens. To top it all his father in law lives with them in their basement. At times when you are watching this show you think these three hate each other but that’s far from it. In their own crazy way they love each other and live with each other. This entire ingredient put together makes a great comedy as we see how their daily lives brings them in weird situations. Doug is a delivery guy in shorts doing his “best” to provide for his family while visiting every fast food place on his way threw out his live. King of Queens is a comedy series that everyone can enjoy and sometimes even relate to. Although I don’t suggest taking them as role models.
  • Kevin James is great!

    Kevin James is a comic genius and a feel good actor. He plays a great role as the typical married male. The comedy he brings to the show is brilliant and cannot be duplicated. He is a great actor and comedian. The one thing I like about the show is there is no kids instead there is an 80 year old step father living with them. That opens the show up for much better comedy and is a very original idea that knows one has thought of. Jerry Stiller portrays a great step father. Leah Remini is also a great part of the show not being a typical lovie dovie wife she is a loud mouth person who is not afraid to share her opinion with the world, and also she WORKS. She also adds her own comedy to the show and is a good counterpart for Kevin James. The show is great has great comedy and has great characters the last true television sitcom left on TV.
  • One of my favorite comedy shows and a lovely cast!

    Once again, this is one of my late reviews. The series final for The King of Queens aired a long time ago now, but I was a fan of this show and watched every single episode.

    What make this comedy show better than most others is hard to discribe. But I think it is the combination of a great cast and some twisted plots. If you look at what this marriage goes through it wouldn't last in real life - I hardly doubt it. A good example is the episode where Doug and Carrie discovers that they do not really share that many interests, but on the other hand Carrie does with Deacon and Doug does with Kelly. They then decide kinda to switch partners every now and then and it is almost as they are married to the other one in this periode - crazy. Anyways it is hillerious and as I mentioned the cast is important for this show. We got Kevin James as Doug, who is one of my favorite comedians ever. His expressions and physical entertainment in The King of Queens is priceless! Leah Remini is not one of my favorites, but she fits in fine in this show and performs very well. Then we have the crew - Deacon, Danny and Spence - who is played by Oswalt, Victor Williams and Gary Valentine. They are all just wonderufl and so freakin' hillerious. Last but CERTAINLY not least, Jerry Stiller as Arthur - PRICELESS! It his difficult to discribe him - he is just wonderful and the character is just perfect for him - love it! Kevin James and Jerry Stiller is mainly what drives this show without doubt.

    So to sum up: Wonderful cast, crazy plots, comedy at its best & awesome physical entertainment all over. I normaly can't watch series more than once - not even comedies. But The King of Queens is an exception and I love it. I watched all the episodes more than twice.
  • This is one show that I looked forward to watching every week. Kevin James always made me laugh. And this show never gets old for me. The only show better than this was cheers for me. Just a great show. I will miss new eposides.

    Just a great show, It never gets old. I can never get enough of the show. Doug and Keri never grow old. And aruther help make the show what it was. It was always funny. The supporting charters were good could of been better. I like Richie from the first couple of seasons better than I did Dougs cousin Danny. Spence was so so. Decon and Doug worked well toghter. Did not care that much for Kelly thought the show was just fine when they split up. This is one of My favorite shows and alway will be. Only for just a few more new shows. So long Doug and Keri.
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