The King of Queens

Season 9 Episode 5

Ruff Goin'

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 20, 2006 on CBS

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  • Season 9, Episode 5.

    Wow, I really enjoyed this episode. Feeling hurt over not being invited to a block party, Doug adopts a dog just to prove to the neighbors that he's an okay guy-a decision he soon regrets. Meanwhile, Arthur falls prey to the gambling bug when trying to help Danny beat it. I liked that Doug was kind enough to adopt a dog. I loved when the dog was eating the Cheetos out of the bag. Carrie said that Doug would have to wake up early every morning, walk the dog, feed him, and clean up his messes. Doug says, "I'm gonna miss you." LMAO!
  • Not a great episode and one that seemed more of a filler episode.

    When Doug and Carrie are not invited to a block party Dougie adopts a dog to try and when over his neighbours, however as with all his ideas it blows up in his face when the dog he adopts becomes just as lazy as Doug and Carrie is fed up with the pair of them.

    Danny has a gambling problem and guess who’s there to help, yes Arthur, the problem is the more Arthur helps Danny the more Arthur becomes addicted with Danny‘s gambling ways.

    As i said Not a great episode and one that could have been a lot better, only Arthur and Dannys scenes saved it.
  • They should have stopped last season when the show was still great!

    Its like Doug and Carrie are becoming twisted sociopaths! And Arthur seems to leave disaster in his wake no matter where he goes.

    No wonder the neighbors hate them and didnt invite them to the block party. The insensitive comments/actions, the deliberate attempts to lie and deceive, its all just gone too far. Last week the scheming by Carrie ends up backfiring on her but the fact she tried to cause someone to get fired in the first place was awful! These characters used to be likable but they are turning into the neighbors from hell.

    I can almost imagine how this series might end - the neighbors, led by the Incredible Hulk (Lou Ferrigno), carring pitchforks and torches, burn Doug and Carries house to the ground at which point they just shrug their shoulders and walk into the sunset with arms thrust into the air sporting middle fingers.

    Its almost if the lack of a child has turned Doug and Carrie into meanspirited people. Its not suprising their neighbors dont want to associate with them.