The King of Queens - Season 3

CBS (ended 2007)


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  • Pregnant Pause (2)
    Pregnant Pause (2)
    Episode 25
    Doug tells Carrie not to panic about having the baby, that he will take care of all her "burden," so he takes on a second job so that they can store a little extra money before the due date. Meanwhile, Arthur is annoyed that Doug still hasn't finished his bathroom, and Deacon and Kelly reconcile.moreless
  • Pregnant Pause (1)
    Pregnant Pause (1)
    Episode 24
    Carrie discovers that she's pregnant, and she's panicked that the timing is wrong. Meanwhile, Deacon and Kelly begin to reconcile and Spence is left out in the cold and Arthur insists that Doug build him his own bathroom in the basement.
  • S'no Job
    S'no Job
    Episode 23
    Doug's Uncle Stu asks him to get his son, Danny, a job at IPS. Doug doesn't want him working there but he doesn't want to look bad to the family so he instructs his boss to interview him but not hire him. Meanwhile, Arthur fills out audience comment cards on a new movie.moreless
  • Swim Neighbors
    Swim Neighbors
    Episode 22
    Doug and Carrie meet the neighbors after a hurricane destroys both of their backyards, and when Carrie's cool to their idea of a combined backyard, they retaliate by installing an above ground pool.
  • Departure Time
    Departure Time
    Episode 21
    Doug, Carrie and Arthur head out to the airport to visit with Doug's parents while they have a short layover at Kennedy Airport on their way to Montreal. While there, his parents ask him to sign their living will, making him the one responsible for pulling the plug. When his sister Stephanie gets wind of this, she is offended that she wasn't the one asked to be responsible.moreless
  • Separation Anxiety
    Separation Anxiety
    Episode 20
    During the Palmer's separation, Doug and Carrie go to the movies with Kelly while Deacon takes the kids. While there, Carrie runs into a co-worker who seems interested in Kelly. The two end up going on a date, and when Deacon finds out he is ready to patch things up with her.moreless
  • Package Deal
    Package Deal
    Episode 19
    Doug, feeling underappreciated at work, hears that drivers at FedEx are making twice what he makes. When he runs into a former co-worker now working for the big overnight service, he takes his friend's casual banter to mean that FedEx wants to hire him. Meanwhile, after Lou Ferrigno asks Carrie to smear his body with tanning cream while his wife is on vacation, she gets addicted to the stuff.moreless
  • Papa Pill
    Papa Pill
    Episode 18
    Doug feels sorry for Arthur and agrees to let him go to a cocktail lounge instead of to the weekly dance at a senior center. When Carrie finds out, she goes ballistic and turns her father's care over to Doug—a job he soon regrets taking on.
  • Inner Tube
    Inner Tube
    Episode 17
    Doug lies to Carrie about having to work late so he can play mud football and get out of going to her seminar. Now sick from his night of football in the rain, Doug starts watching TV and begins to drift off to sleep... The Honeymooners Doug dreams that he is Ralph and Deacon is Ed and they scheme to get Doug out of the house to go bowling. Wheel of Fortune Doug dreams that he, Arthur and Carrie are contestants on The Wheel of Fortune, where the puzzle being "Doug Heffernan is a big fat liar." Brian's Song Doug dreams he is in Brian's Song as Brian Piccolo and Deacon is Gale Sayers. The Young and the Restless Doug dreams that he, Arthur and Carrie are on The Young and the Restless, where Carrie and Jack Abbott kiss. Doug, finally full of guilt, goes to tell Carrie the truth of what happened and she doesn't react exactly the way she thought she would.moreless
  • Horizontal Hold
    Horizontal Hold
    Episode 16
    After Deacon and Kelly's separation, Carrie begins to wonder about her own marriage. She and Doug agree to put their sex lives on hold for a few weeks because Carrie feels that they should resolve arguments verbally, not always physically. Meanwhile, Arthur dates a woman who claims she was once Frank Sinatra's girlfriend.moreless
  • Deacon Blues
    Deacon Blues
    Episode 15
    Doug is surprised to find his married best friend, Deacon, out with another woman. Meanwhile, Carrie questions her relationship with Doug because of their different views on cheating.
  • Paint Misbehavin'
    Paint Misbehavin'
    Episode 14
    Doug becomes jealous when Carrie makes the mistake of telling him she finds Deacon attractive; The gang go paintballing to celebrate Deacon's birthday, which turns into a war of jealousy.
  • Hi Def-Jam
    Hi Def-Jam
    Episode 13
    Doug sets up his sister with Carrie's boss so that he can watch the Super Bowl on a high-definition TV.
  • Wedding Presence
    Wedding Presence
    Episode 12
    Doug and Carrie rush to a friend's wedding before the bride and groom realize they're not there; Meanwhile, Arthur plans a scheme involving Spence.
  • Better Camera
    Better Camera
    Episode 11
    A battle of who got the cheaper gift begins; Lou Ferrigno moves next door.
  • Work Related
    Work Related
    Episode 10
    Arthur begins to work at Carrie's company; Doug and Deacon compete for the best practical joke.
  • Twisted Sitters
    Twisted Sitters
    Episode 9
    Doug and Carrie watch Deacon and Kelly's kids while they are out of town. When one of the kids sees them making love, they must keep him from telling his parents...
  • Dark Meet
    Dark Meet
    Episode 8
    After a great Thanksgiving, Doug and Carrie try to recall their first Thanksgiving together and who said, "I Love You" first. They consult Arthur, who quickly recalls some other Thanksgivings and finally recalls 1993 when he was having a fight with his new wife, Lily, as Doug was coming over to meet the family.moreless
  • Strike Out
    Strike Out
    Episode 7
    Doug and Deacon, who are out of work because of a strike, resort to playing sophomoric pranks, along with Arthur, to keep from going stir crazy. But they're driving Carrie and Kelly nuts. Eventually, Doug and Deacon return to work leaving Arthur alone.
  • Strike Too
    Strike Too
    Episode 6
    With no end to the IPS workers strike in sight, Doug tries substitute teaching at his sister Stephanie's school.
  • Strike One
    Strike One
    Episode 5
    Doug feels the urge for a new car and against Carrie's advice buys it for himself only to find out moments later that the workers at the IPS company are going on strike. He unsuccessfully tries to return the car, forcing Carrie to work major overtime to compensate for his mistake.moreless
  • Class Struggle
    Class Struggle
    Episode 4
    Carrie decides to return to college, with very little time to get things done.
  • Fatty McButterpants
    Doug and Carrie decide to say the things that don't like of each other, and then act on each other's issues. Meanwhile, Arthur keeps trying to make them use his new security dummy.
  • Roast Chicken
    Roast Chicken
    Episode 2
    Carrie has Doug sign a congratulatory card for his boss' twenty years at the company and the whole thing blows up in Doug's face. Now, Fisker, the boss, wants Doug to participate in the banquet roast and Doug blames Carrie for this fiasco. He does rise to the occasion, however, and even manages to get some good laughs out of the audience. That is, until he starts to tell some jokes that hit a little too close to home.moreless
  • Do Rico
    Do Rico
    Episode 1
    Carrie is turned on by Doug's imitation of his new Hispanic co-worker, Rico; Arthur tries to chronicle his own life story.