The King of Queens - Season 5

CBS (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Bed Spread
    Bed Spread
    Episode 25
    After Doug breaks their bed, Doug and Carrie find temporarily having separate beds is improving their marriage. Arthur discovers that their sweet neighbor, Lou Ferrigno, is actually quite a gossip, when he overhears him through a peep hole in the basement that looks right into his yard.
  • Taste Buds
    Taste Buds
    Episode 24
    Since Doug never gets what he wants from Carrie, he uses Arthur to ask Carrie for them, so he gets what he wants. Meanwhile, Spence is first on line to see a new movie.
  • Dog Shelter
    Dog Shelter
    Episode 23
    Carrie learns from Janet that Doug had a dog when he was eleven, that they claim is still alive today. Janet admits to Carrie that the original dog died, and they've replaced it—several times—without Doug knowing.
  • Queens'bro Bridge
    Queens'bro Bridge
    Episode 22
    Arthur and his half-brother Skitch are reunited when Doug sets it up for them to meet again at the tollbooth Skitch works at on the freeway. When Doug realizes they own a house together, he sees the possibility of getting his personal life back when he envisions the basement empty and he and Carrie having some personal time.moreless
  • Clothes Encounter
    Clothes Encounter
    Episode 21
    Carrie can't stop buying expensive clothes and then returning them within a few days. Spence's new girlfriend is afraid of his dog and tells him to decide who he wants, the dog or her.
  • Driving Reign
    Driving Reign
    Episode 20
    Danny asks Doug for a letter of recommendation at IPS so he can move up to being a driver like Doug. Since this idea does not appeal to Doug, Carrie decides she will write the letter and have Doug sign it. Danny ends up getting the job and puts Doug's skills to the test, and his job on the line, when his ability to beat Doug's delivery time has the boss giving Danny Doug's route.moreless
  • Cowardly Lyin'
    Cowardly Lyin'
    Episode 19
    Carrie gets tickets to an opera but Doug doesn't want to go so he has Deacon help him lie to get out of it. Carrie catches him in the lie which prompts Doug to confess to a series of lies he's been hiding. Doug then tells Carrie that the reason he's been lying is because she's too overbearing. They both agree to be "supportive" of one another but this only leads to more problems.moreless
  • Steve Moscow
    Steve Moscow
    Episode 18
    Doug and Carrie try to get the Russian workers to repair their house, by going to extreme lengths of giving them vodka.
  • S'Poor House
    S'Poor House
    Episode 17
    The mold problem in the Heffernan household grows and Doug and Carrie find out to fix the problem will cost them $12,000! Doug, with his tail between his legs, goes to his father to ask for the money, but hits a wall when he wants to know why he and Carrie don't have it in the bank.moreless
  • Golden Moldy
    Golden Moldy
    Episode 16
    Doug and Carrie are having fun on their vacation with their neighbors in St. Croix, but once Arthur calls with a quote on the current mold problem in the house, all is not so fun.
  • Animal Attraction
    Animal Attraction
    Episode 15
    Doug cannot spend time with Carrie on Valentine's Day, because he has to deliver penguins, with Deacon, from one zoo to another. Meanwhile, Carrie and Holly go out, with Carrie giving Holly tips to land a man. Also, when Arthur and Spence go to up a pick a date for the holiday, he accidentally gets himself a date that is old enough to be his grandmother.moreless
  • Prints Charming
    Prints Charming
    Episode 14
    Doug and Carrie photos get mixed up with another couples. When Doug and Carrie look at the other couples photos, they find out that their lives aren't as good as the others, so they try to do what are seen in the photos. Arthur's new cellphone is in no use when no one calls him.moreless
  • Attention Deficit
    Attention Deficit
    Episode 13
    Doug becomes obsessed with his own Super Bowl party after learning that many of his friends will be attending a party thrown by a new co-worker. While Doug is focused on winning back as many guests as possible, Carrie complains that Doug doesn't think about her enough during the day. Problems arise when Doug tries to throw the ultimate Super Bowl party and prove to Carrie he's an attentive husband.moreless
  • Jung Frankenstein
    Jung Frankenstein
    Episode 12
    Carrie thinks Doug needs professional help to control his excessive eating habits, so she persuades him to see a therapist. When Carrie sees Doug's great improvements, she asks the therapist to work on Doug's other issues. Meanwhile, Arthur believes he's addicted to nasal spray and fights to stay off of it.moreless
  • Mentalo Case
    Mentalo Case
    Episode 11
    A toy from their childhood leads to a rift between Deacon and Doug. Meanwhile, Carrie tries to give her father a great Christmas gift, but this proves hard to do when everyone thinks of the wrong gifts they are receiving, altering their original gift choices.
  • Loaner Car
    Loaner Car
    Episode 10
    Doug loans Carrie to Deacon to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner. When Deacon ditches her for Holly's services, his web of lies soon gets out of control. Trying to cover it up, Doug continues to dig a hole for himself.
  • Connect Four
    Connect Four
    Episode 9
    Carrie wins four company seats to Knicks games, but insists on taking a couple over Doug's friends. Meanwhile, Arthur digs himself a hole by pretending he can "fix" parking tickets.
  • Flash Photography
    Flash Photography
    Episode 8
    At a wedding, Doug takes a naughty picture with a disposable camera supplied by the bride and groom. After letting Danny take the blame, and after confessing to a priest, he has the dreaded task of coming forward with the truth.
  • Flame Resistant
    Flame Resistant
    Episode 7
    Doug and Carrie run into Doug's high school girlfriend, Margie, at his favorite sports bar. Carrie gets jealous when she discovers that Doug's mother would rather spend time with his ex-girlfriend than her, while Margie and Doug fight over the song that he was meant to write for her back in high school.moreless
  • Business Affairs
    Business Affairs
    Episode 6
    Doug stops by Carrie's office, and is introduced to her work-husband Curt. Although Carrie assures him that he has nothing to worry about since Curt is gay, Doug is threatened by just how close the two are. Meanwhile, Arthur is jealous of a new dog that Holly has added to her route.moreless
  • Mammary Lane
    Mammary Lane
    Episode 5
    Doug's bowling team prepares for a tournament, while Carrie agrees to babysit Mr. Kaplan's son, in hopes of furthering her career. But when Doug throws out a mercy flirt and Carrie runs into an awkward set of hands, all goes downhill.
  • Kirbed Enthusiasm
    Kirbed Enthusiasm
    Episode 4
    Deacon asks Doug to help him coach Kirby's football team, and the boy challenges Doug to try out for a semi-pro team, but Carrie isn't thrilled with the idea until she sees an interesting photo of him.
  • Holy Mackerel
    Holy Mackerel
    Episode 3
    Doug and Carrie bump into their pastor and feel roped into going to church. Meanwhile, Arthur entertains offers to buy the house, regardless of the fact it's not his to sell.
  • Window Pain
    Window Pain
    Episode 2
    Feeling inferior to, and looked-down upon by, the new neighbors, Carrie tries to make a good impression, but Doug couldn't care less. Meanwhile, Arthur tries to use Spence for free subway rides.
  • Arthur, Spooner
    Arthur, Spooner
    Episode 1
    With Carrie temporarily working a night shift, Doug begins to rely on Arthur for companionship, and starts to warm up to him.