The King of Queens - Season 6

CBS (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Awful Bigamy
    Awful Bigamy
    Episode 24
    After Holly gets kicked out of her apartment, Arthur insists that she stay with him in the basement until she finds a new place, making Doug realize the benefits of having two women in his life.
  • Icky Shuffle
    Icky Shuffle
    Episode 23
    A bedridden Carrie gets Doug to team with Arthur for a shuffleboard tournament, but his skills aren't to Arthur's liking. Meanwhile, Carrie pretends to continue being sick so that Holly will continue to cook for her.
  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego
    Episode 22
    What starts out as a valiant effort to win back the heart of Spence's ex-girlfriend, Denise, quickly goes south as Danny gets a sudden case of lockjaw and the group spends all the money they took out as cash advances from their credit cards. Meanwhile, Arthur fills in at the front desk of the senior center and has some words with the pudding vendor.moreless
  • Tank Heaven
    Tank Heaven
    Episode 21
    Doug sabotages Carrie's attempts to start hanging out with her co-workers by scaring them off with several crude techniques. Meanwhile, Spence and Danny realize that women like men who take care of the elderly and start using Arthur as bait.
  • Foe: Pa
    Foe: Pa
    Episode 20
    Doug must heal the breach between father and daughter when Arthur's antics in the lobby of a real estate company cost Carrie getting a job there.
  • Precedent Nixin'
    Precedent Nixin'
    Episode 19
    Carrie asks Deacon and Kelly to accompany her and Doug to Florida for their visit with the in-laws so that they'll be forced to stay at a hotel instead of with Doug's parents, prompting a guilt-trip from Janet.
  • Trash Talker
    Trash Talker
    Episode 18
    Doug and Deacon's relationship hits a speed bump when Deacon unknowingly befriends Doug's grade school archenemy. Meanwhile, Arthur seeks revenge against Larry King for getting him expelled as a youth.
  • Multiple Plots
    Multiple Plots
    Episode 17
    When Arthur tries to sell Spence his adjoining burial plot, he somehow winds up selling it to Spence's mother, Veronica. Doug's new route has a man who answers the door wearing only a towel. Meanwhile, Carrie takes on dog walking with Holly to make some money, but immediately hates the job.moreless
  • Damned Yanky
    Damned Yanky
    Episode 16
    Carrie's infuriated when Doug sleep-talks about women while anesthetized, so she comes up with a proscribed list of women for Doug's daydreams.
  • Cheap Saks
    Cheap Saks
    Episode 15
    Though she quickly realizes why Doug dumped her so long ago, Carrie stays friends with his former girlfriend to take advantage of her employee discount at Saks Fifth Avenue. Meanwhile, Spence agrees to go out with a guy, even though he's not gay, just to boost his morale.
  • Switch Sitters
    Switch Sitters
    Episode 14
    After countless times of babysitting Deacon and Kelly's children, Doug and Carrie feel that Deacon and Kelly should return the favor and babysit Arthur every once in a while. Deacon and Kelly decide to take Arthur out to dinner so Doug and Carrie can be alone, but they ignore a warning about Arthur's reaction to spicy food.moreless
  • Frigid Heirs
    Frigid Heirs
    Episode 13
    Arthur wins $2,500 at a bingo game, and agrees to share some of his winnings with Doug and Carrie. Unfortunately, Arthur feels that he should decide how they will spend their portion.
  • Dougie Houser
    Dougie Houser
    Episode 12
    Flashbacks show Doug and Carrie's search a decade ago for their house, and how Doug caved to get what she wanted.
  • Santa Claustrophobia
    Doug feels suffocated when Carrie takes a holiday job at IPS. Arthur attempts to get a Christmas card picture taken with friends.
  • American Idle
    American Idle
    Episode 10
    With Doug on her back over her lack of motivation in finding a new job, Carrie enlists the help of Arthur and opens up her own company making decorative cell phone covers—then forces her friends to come to a showing.
  • Thanks Man
    Thanks Man
    Episode 9
    It's Thanksgiving in the Heffernan household and while Carrie cooks dinner for ten people, Doug lets a stranger into the house to use the phone. He is convinced the stranger is a nice guy but Carrie is not so trusting. Everyone at dinner feels sorry for the man, who's been left outside to wait for a ride, but when Carrie finally gives into the holiday spirit, it turns out her instincts may have been right.moreless
  • Eggsit Strategy
    Eggsit Strategy
    Episode 8
    Carrie hears that her law firm is laying off people and worries about her job, though her resigning boss is only worried about getting an omelette bar goodbye party. Meanwhile, Doug is in hot water with Deacon when he loses the Koosh ball Deacon received from his son as a gift.moreless
  • Secret Garden
    Secret Garden
    Episode 7
    Carrie plugs Danny to do some landscaping for her new gynocologist, but when Danny gets greedy with the bill she worries he'll dump her as a patient.
  • Affidavit Justice
    Affidavit Justice
    Episode 6
    The partners of Carrie's law firm ask Doug to be a ringer on their company team, but he's all too convincing as a lawyer, aw well. Meanwhile, after tracing his ancestry, Arthur believes his great-grandfather was a slave owner and makes it his own personal mission to correct things with Deacon on his ancestor's behalf.moreless
  • Nocturnal Omission
    Nocturnal Omission
    Episode 5
    Doug and Carrie don't agree on whether to tell Deacon, who's planning a night with a gorgeous stewardess he just met, that Kelly wants to reconcile.
  • Dreading Vows
    Dreading Vows
    Episode 4
    Endless complications make Doug and Carrie quickly regret their decision to renew their wedding vows. In the midst of the wedding planning Arthur is praying that his wedding present, aged Port wine, will go unused when he discovers the value of the fine wine on eBay.
  • King Pong
    King Pong
    Episode 3
    When Arthur handily beats Doug in several games of ping-pong, Doug decides to test his skills on Carrie, but is humiliated when he loses once again. In a desperate attempt to keep his ego intact, he asks Arthur to train him so that he can beat his wife. Meanwhile, Spence's girlfriend, Denise, gets promoted to waitress at the bowling alley, but Spence becomes jealous of the flirting she must do to get tips.moreless
  • Doug Less (2)
    Doug Less (2)
    Episode 2
    Doug surprises Carrie with a romantic weekend away at a resort. Doug and Carrie try to get over an argument they've been having, but only make things worse. Deacon finds Spence and Danny in bed together. Arthur decides he is in an emergency situation.
  • Doug Less (1)
    Doug Less (1)
    Episode 1
    The sixth season opens with a newly svelte Doug and a surprisingly jealous Carrie, who just can't hide her disdain when people constantly compliment her hubby on his weight loss. Doug decides to suprise her by taking her to an old holiday spot of theirs.